Commentary by Linda: Out of Chaos, the Man of Lawlessness

In 1907, Catholic priest, Robert Hugh Benson wrote "Lord of the World," a bitingly satiric science fiction novel of a future secularized world of 'quietist pantheism.' His novel is both brilliant and terrible; it speaks of a judgement in which Western man has fully concurred for more than a century. Benson takes all of the Gnostic assumptions that emerged out of the Enlightenment---God is dead, satanism, scientism, empiricism, libertinism, positivism, materialism-pantheism, fascism, earth-bound kingdom building (communism, socialism), perfection of man, and progressivism---of the science-and-technology-obsessed masses of the twentieth century and carries them to their logical conclusions.

"...Christianity has has divided people...Hell, how could (we) ever have believed in that? God has gone---He never existed at all---it was all a hideous nightmare; we all know at last what the truth is...." "The reign of God has really begun; but we know now who God is....(He) is the Man of whom (we) were so frightened...He has healed all the old wounds...(we) have Forgiveness of Sins...because there is no such thing as sin." "...Jehovah has fallen; the wild-eyed dreamer of Gallilee (is) in his grave; the reign of priests has ended. And in their place (stands) a strange, quiet figure of indomitable power and unruffled tenderness...the Son of Man, the Savior of the world..." (pp.93-94)

Benson's point was that failure to conform the world to the reality of the living God, universal moral values, and truth would lead inevitably to disaster. All that the so-called 'secular humanist' (new paganist) views as good and desirable for human society leads inevitably to evil on a scale hithertofore unknown. Given the general attitude toward God, Christianity, morality, and truth among the upper classes of his day, the rejection of God could only go one way:

"Where faith goes out, superstition comes in. Man is a worshipping animal, and Humanity-worship...demanded an organized cult."

Only those with their heads in the sand are blind to the terrible reality that has befallen our nation: America has fallen into the 'quietist, Luciferian, pantheism' foreseen as our fate so long ago by Benson. Indeed, today America is convulsing and dying under the destructive effects of this satanic-barbarianism, of which I wrote in a recent commentary: "America: Land of Barbarianism."

Robert Hugh Benson foresaw the collapse of the United States. America would fall into chaos under the combined effects of satanic-barbarianism and earthquakes, which would destroy some of our major cities. Symbollically, earthquakes may very well be the coming collapse of our economy, currently being orchestrated by the liberal-barbarians in control of our government. (see 'Obama's Coup: Collapse the Economy, Destroy America'). If all goes as planned, the orchestrated 'earthquake' will unleash crime, upheaval, riots, violence, break-down of our social institutions, and chaos of a magnitude heretofore unknown here in America. It will be then that a ruling triumverate will take control of America and the New World Order will begin, said Benson.

Out of America's chaos will come the Man of Lawlessness. He will arise out of the East, the very area described by Father Malichi Martin, a now deceased Catholic exorcist, as the epicenter of demonic activity in America.

The Man of Lawlessness will be called the 'Son of Man:'

"I saw the Son of Man....The Savior of the World....I knew Him in my heart as soon as I saw Him....It was like a glory round his head....It was He for whom we have waited so long; and He has come, bringing Peace and Goodwill in His hands. When He spoke, I knew it again. His voice was as---as the sound of the sea---as simple as that..." (p. 89)

Barbara Marx Hubbard, powerful New World Order guru, is typical of today's New Age occult pantheists. Her 'spirit guide' calls itself Jesus. "Jesus," told Hubbard to "Forgive Satan....Love Satan, my fallen brother (and) Forgive Cain, he knew not what he did."

David Spangler goes further. He demands that everyone submit to Luciferic Initiation. And for those who refuse? Death.