Population Control Crowd: Earth's Got Too Many People

"Sustainability" is a word that means, "continue to survive without using up all resources." It is a popular term among green groups worried about the spread of humanity. The men and women of OPT believe that the world will not be able to "sustain" the current population of humans for much longer. According to a news release OPT says,

"With the earth's population growing by around 80 million - a new Germany - each year, the Optimum Population Trust has assembled a distinguished group of experts to discuss the scientific case for lowering global and national populations to environmentally sustainable levels." OPT cites James Lovelock, author of the Gaia theory, who believes that Earth may only be able to "sustain" ½ - 1 billion people in the near future. (The Gaia theory, named in honor of the goddesss Gaia, is the idea that the earth itself is one big, self-regulating organism, with all its physical parts working together toward homeostasis.)

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