Our Problem is Immorality

Commentary by Linda: It takes courage, humility, and a thirst for truth and righteousness to confess, as Walter Williams does, that our nation's problems are "at their root decaying moral values." Implicit in Williams admission is that man is indeed fallen, and when fallen man liberates himself from Yahweh and His immutable Truth and Universal Moral Law, man begins to slide ever downward into an abyss of lies, thievery, gluttony, covetousness, perversion, crime, power-grabbing and murder which leads first to anarchy and chaos and then to tyranny. St. James said the fruit of sin is death, and we can not only see its rotten fruit everywhere and at all levels of society, but as well, its sulphuric stench fills the air we breathe. America is no longer right side-up but upside-down. Having turned away from God, truth, and morality, America embraces instead a new paganism that says each man is not only sinless, but a morally-autonomous 'god.' What is true for one is not true for another. We call this 'multiculturalism.' Political correctness, a Pharisaic legalism, enforces tolerance, inclusiveness, choice, and gender confusion, all of which have replaced the Decalogue, Thou shall not kill, and He made them male and female.

Lies have replaced truth, and man himself has usurped the throne of God. Many gods, many truths, many moralities, many genders---this is really pagan polytheism, which today calls itself Cultural Marxism, Progressive Liberalism, Spiritual Humanism (Secular Humanism's replacement), and New Age. Collectively and globally, this is Transnational Progressivism, the coming spiritual-communism of the New World Order.

In upside-down pagan America, self-idolizing 'we the people' behave like over-fed, over-indulged, 'we the sheeple." Slaves of their passions (gluttony, lusts, perversions, selfishness, vanity) America's sheeple are far more interested in doing 'what makes them feel good about themselves,' and 'what's in it for them' rather than doing what is morally right and good. Rather than committing themselves to the self-sacrificial work of maintaining freedoms and electing morally accountable leaders, collective sheeple-tastes compel them to endlessly euthanize their minds by way of mindless entertainment and to elect demogogues who promise to gain more goodies for them at the expense of society.

The point here is that the collection of wimps, lemmings and moral imbeciles---petty thieves, robber barons, orgiastic multi-gendered perverts, fanatics, despots, and psychopaths---running our government at all levels are a reflection of the morally corrupt sheeple who abused their God-given rights to elect and empower them.

by Walter Williams

Most of our nation's great problems, including our economic problems, have as their root decaying moral values. Whether we have the stomach to own up to it or not, we have become an immoral people left with little more than the pretense of morality. You say, "That's a pretty heavy charge, Williams. You'd better be prepared to back it up with evidence!" I'll try with a few questions for you to answer.

Do you believe that it is moral and just for one person to be forcibly used to serve the purposes of another? And, if that person does not peaceably submit to being so used, do you believe that there should be the initiation of some kind of force against him? Neither question is complex and can be answered by either a yes or no. For me the answer is no to both questions but I bet that your average college professor, politician or minister would not give a simple yes or no response. They would be evasive and probably say that it all depends.

In thinking about questions of morality, my initial premise is that I am my private property and you are your private property. That's simple. What's complex is what percentage of me belongs to someone else. If we accept the idea of self-ownership, then certain acts are readily revealed as moral or immoral. Acts such as rape and murder are immoral because they violate one's private property rights. Theft of the physical things that we own, such as cars, jewelry and money, also violates our ownership rights.

The reason why your college professor, politician or minister cannot give a simple yes or no answer to the question of whether one person should be used to serve the purposes of another is because they are sly enough to know that either answer would be troublesome for their agenda. A yes answer would put them firmly in the position of supporting some of mankind's most horrible injustices such as slavery. After all, what is slavery but the forcible use of one person to serve the purposes of another? A no answer would put them on the spot as well because that would mean they would have to come out against taking the earnings of one American to give to another in the forms of farm and business handouts, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and thousands of similar programs that account for more than two-thirds of the federal budget. There is neither moral justification nor constitutional authority for what amounts to legalized theft. This is not an argument against paying taxes. We all have a moral obligation to pay our share of the constitutionally mandated and enumerated functions of the federal government.

Unfortunately, there is no way out of our immoral quagmire. The reason is that now that the U.S. Congress has established the principle that one American has a right to live at the expense of another American, it no longer pays to be moral. People who choose to be moral and refuse congressional handouts will find themselves losers. They'll be paying higher and higher taxes to support increasing numbers of those paying lower and lower taxes. As it stands now, close to 50 percent of income earners have no federal income tax liability and as such, what do they care about rising income taxes? In other words, once legalized theft begins, it becomes too costly to remain moral and self-sufficient. You might as well join in the looting, including the current looting in the name of stimulating the economy.

I am all too afraid that a historian, a hundred years from now, will footnote America as a historical curiosity where people once enjoyed private property rights and limited government but it all returned to mankind's normal state of affairs -- arbitrary abuse and control by the powerful elite.