Commentary by Linda: Dark Fantasies--the Coming New World Order

"...the current system of progressive taxation represents a philosophy of discrimination that would, if it were applied to any other social strata, be abhorred and denounced as a relic of the past. Those who endorse such a system are guilty of a contradiction so grievous and obvious that one must question whether their approval is the result of blind ignorance or malicious intent. To forcibly confiscate wealth - and make no mistake, that is exactly what our current system does - from the citizenry in a manner that holds one citizen to a higher degree of responsibility than another, based solely upon economic success, is incompatible with a society who professes fairness and equality. True fairness, if that is the desired goal, exists in a system that holds each and every citizen, regardless of income, to the exact same standards and demands. Therefore, if one wishes to implement a system of taxation that promotes true fairness and equality across the economic spectrum, one is left only with what has commonly been called the “Flat Tax”, but could more accurately be called the “Fair Tax”. Michael Payne, conservativeunderground

Michael Payne has clearly depicted the starkly oppositional and unbridgeable chasm separating the true conservative position from today's globalist transnational progressive view as exposited in part in the following excerpt from mediamatters, a propaganda shill for 'elite' globalists:

"Summary: Television news hosts have repeatedly hosted Republican members of Congress who have attacked President Obama's budget, but those media figures have failed to ask these officials about their support of various legislation that contributed to the more than $2 trillion increase in the publicly held debt under President Bush.

In the past month, television news hosts have repeatedly hosted Republican members of Congress who attacked President Obama's budget proposal or other fiscal policies by arguing that they add too much to the national debt.

However, these media figures have repeatedly failed to ask these elected officials about their support of various major laws and actions that contributed to the more than $2 trillion increase in the publicly held national debt under President Bush.

Indeed, in interviewing

Rep. Eric Cantor (VA), Sen. Judd Gregg (NH), Sen. Susan Collins (ME), Sen. John Ensign (NV), Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL), Sen. John Cornyn (TX), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC),

media figures did not note that each of them supported two or more of the following pieces of legislation:

The tax-cut bills of 2001 and 2003 --" ( )

Transnational Progressivism is a term used by conservative scholar John Fonte to describe the fusion of 20th century's totalitarian Gnostic-revolutionary politics: Marxist Communism, socialism, fascism, progressive liberalism, materialism, pantheism, scientism, utilitarianism, and nihilism, all of which grew out of the Enlightenment's 'death of God' movement, or insurrection

George Orwell, author of 1984 and Animal Farm had to invent terms like 'doublespeak' in order to describe the Marxist Communist 'belief system,' an interconnected matrix of small lies, Big Lies, cleverly crafted evasions and misapplications, transfer of guilt, and dark fantasies fueling an even darker desire to escape God, reality, truth, moral law, norms, and standards.

Transnational Progressivism's canon, or body of knowledge, is really nothing more than massively inflated narcissim (elitism), lust for power, resentment, gluttony, covetousness, perversion, hatred of God, moral law, truth, norms and standards translated into political, socio-economic, and cultural theories. It's in this light that hate crime laws, political correctness, multiculturalism, and speech codes come into focus as lust for power, control, and demonic pleasure obtained from veageance and destruction.

A perfect example of Transnational Progressivism's massively inflated pride, lust for power, covetousness, and envious resentment of the success, property, and wealth of America's middle class---which disguises its ugly green Progressive face as 'concern for the common good'---is mediamatter's contention that tax cuts are a cause of 'massive debt creation.' Envy of our middle class and pathological need for its destruction is the real program of evil here.

Transnational Progressivism's evil program likewise finds voice and activism in a multitude of anti-human, pro-totalitarian schemes. Among these are for example, euthanasia, "choice" (abortion), redistribution of income, environmental justice, sustainable development, animal rights, fairness doctrines, cap and trade, global warming, 'gay' politics (gender confusion), sex education (perversion), obscenity and porn as free speech 'rights,' 'gay' marriage (an attack on marriage and the created order disguised as rights). Like the candy used by a predatorial pedophile to seduce his intended victim, Transnational Progressivism's evil bait is likewise cleverly disguised as 'something good.'

Look at any of Transnational Progressivism's heroes and you'll find a spiritually deformed, demonically occluded individual. From Comte to Karl Marx, Nietzsche to Che Guiverra, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Beria, Mao, Pol Pot, and Saul Alinsky---all of these cruel, criminally-minded people were fueled by massively inflated narcissism, covetousness, and pathological hatred for God, the created order, moral law, truth, norms, standards, and humanity in general.

Transnational Progressives thirst for a New World Order that hates and rejects God, truth, reality, virtue, and everything good, real, and natural. The world it desires exists only within the confines of the overheated, darkened imaginations of those whose consciences are locked from the inside to prevent entry of Truth.