Simple Logic in A Time of Madness

Republicans have now offered an alternative budget that is based upon a very simple truth that seems to elude both the President and Congress, that a nation cannot spend its way out of debt. It proposes stopping all non-stimulative "stimulus" spending, freezing most discretionary spending for five years, and implementing a simple, common-sense tax structure so simple that even an Obama Administration appointee can figure it out.

Will Congress or the President embrace the entirely rational approach of lessening the growth of government spending in troubled times?

Of course not.

It took years of dedicated, concentrated self-deception for Democrats to finally reach the point where they could create a "reality-based community" so logically damaged that they could reassure each other that government-by-Ponzi-scheme was a viable economic model.

They will not let such a grand self-deception go down without a fight, and you can bet your last Yuan that the more brutal reality intrudes, the worse the cognitive dissonance of their fellow travelers will get.

Democrats will continue to spend money we don't have at an ever increasing pace until they are either thrown out of office or the country itself is bankrupted.

The President and his Congress are crashing.

It may be too late the stop the car, but if we can act quickly enough, strongly enough, we might be able to lessen the inevitable impact.