Liberty and Tyranny

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The Obama watch

With each passing day, we see and are made aware of President Obama's maneuverings to radicalize America.

One of the concerns affiliated with Obama's bold initiatives is the emboldening of others who similarly hold to a secularist, statist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda (with David Ogden in place - a pro-pornography agenda).

In short, this country is on its way to increasingly hellish circumstances.

With the U.S. House and Senate controlled by Democrats, Mr. Obama is feverishly pressing forward recognizing his window of opportunity may be short.

In two years, Americans may or may not see what he is doing and has done. He is fully cognizant of this!

Have you heard about Mark Levin's new best selling book "Liberty and Tyranny." It is #1 on the New York Times booksellers list after just one short week.

It is being heralded by many conservatives as a "must read." Hundreds of thousands have already read this powerful book.

Levin is perceptive and experienced. He once served as a top advisor and administrator to several members of President Reagan's cabinet. He holds a J.D. from Temple University School of Law. He also is a radio talk show host.

Levin, in his book, writes with clarity - contrasting the Conservative and the Liberal.

He writes: "The Conservative understands that Americans are living in a state of diminishing liberty- that statism is on the ascendancy and the societal balance is tipping away from ordered liberty. In these circumstances, the Conservative should not confuse prudence with timidity. If anything, certainly since the New Deal, the Conservative has too often lacked the confidence and persistence to defend the civil society.

Even the most dedicated Conservative acknowledges, however, the daunting challenges ahead. The Founders were right when they observed that man has a high tolerance for suffering.

The Conservative must accept that the Statist does not share his passion for liberty and all the good that flows from it. The Statist does not acknowledge the tremendous benefits to society from the individual pursuits of tens of millions of others. The Statist rejects the Founder's idea of the dignity of the individual, who can flourish through ordered liberty, for one rooted in unpredicatability, irrationality and, ultimately, tyranny."

One of the points that Levin brings out in his book is that the statist desires to point out the "crisis" elevating it and embellishing it so that the populace will feel uneasy thereby paving the way for the government coming in to solve the problem thereby growing the government faster and larger enlarging the statist's sphere of influence.

If we don't see that in recent days, then we are either not paying much attention or we truly lack discernment.

One of the greatest illustrations is Obama forcing GMs Wagoner out as CEO and making conditions for how GM can survive.

Quoting from Gary Bauer's email (dated 3.30):

"... One could certainly make the argument that Wagoner should be fired. But is that really the government’s decision? Anyone who thinks the government can do a better job should consider the government’s track record with public education or the Post Office or the IRS. Regardless, GM’s CEO has been forced out, but what about the unions – what concessions are they making now?

And what else is government doing to help the struggling auto industry? Not much. In fact, it’s adding to the burden! The Transportation Department just announced a new increase in fuel efficiency standards, meaning that car manufacturers are going to have to revamp their assembly lines and retool factories in the middle of an economic downturn. The administration’s proposed carbon 'cap and trade' scheme would be devastating to Detroit. [Levin also discusses at length this irrational and damaging concept in his book.]

In addition, liberal bureaucrats in California want to tell you what color car you can drive. Believe it or not, in order to save the planet from global warming, the California legislature may ban black paint on cars because the black paint absorbs heat and people use their air conditioners 'too much' to cool down their cars. ..."

Tyranny - that's what is unfolding and increasingly we are going to feel it and be impacted by it. Make no mistake!

Reading out of Isaiah this morning chapters 41-43, I take great comfort in the promises of God, but truly I fear for America for those who come after us! This President and his party is doing a power grab the likes of which we have never seen in this great country. The mainstream media doesn't check him. The Republican party is presently incapable of checking him. The American public, though some are definitely beginning to wake up, is still largely dumbnified. He is free of accountability.

I urge you to get a copy of Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny." It will help you understand in a very timely and professorial way what is behind the moves we are seeing unfold right before our eyes.

In the meantime, we are called to be a praying people and a salt and light people. In order to shed light in our discussions, we need to have understanding. This book has helped me. I think it will help you.

This book is available at most book stores.

================================== "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke (1729-1797)