Are You Ready for a 2nd Declaration of Independence? If So, Then Sign This Petition

Posted: April 08, 20098:33 pm Eastern

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WASHINGTON – When Barack Obama called for "all nations" in the world to "come together to build a stronger, global regime" to respond to threats like those posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, WND's Editor and CEO Joseph Farah had heard enough.

Farah was stunned once again that no major news agencies in the world even deemed to question the administration about what he meant.

It sounded to Farah like Obama was, once again, raising the specter of some form of global governance unaccountable to the American people – a direct threat to U.S. sovereignty and independence.

That's when he decided it was time to raise the consciousness of the American people and members of Congress to those threats through a national petition campaign.

"Are you ready for a second Declaration of Independence?" he asks. "It shouldn't be necessary, since the original is still as valid as the day it was signed, but maybe people need to be reminded."

If you are sick and tired of the notion that America's days of independence as a sovereign nation are over, Farah urges you to sign this petition.

"It is as much a petition to our fellow Americans as from them," explains Farah. "Think of it as a way to get a national debate started on whether or not we are still committed to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We need that dialogue now, more than ever."

Sign the petition now: