When Pure Beauty and Pure Ugliness Meet

by Eric GolubTrue beauty and true ugliness do not enter the room quietly. They barrel in, and spread quickly. Within hours of each other, extreme beauty and extreme ugliness came in different forms, overwhelming lesser matters.

A woman named Susan Boyle walked onto a stage in a British singing competition. A 47 year old woman who lives with a cat, she drew derisive laughter from the moment people saw her. To describe her as “frumpy” would be generous. People looked at her and thought that she was “ghastly.”

Competitions like the one she was in are for beautiful people. Frumpy people need not apply, and ghastly people should not even be outside. After all, how could society possibly survive if anything other than A-List celebrities were allowed in our living rooms?

Then she began to sing. She chose the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables.” From the moment the audience heard her voice, they began cheering wildly. There is beauty, and then there is sheer gorgeousness. This was one of the all time stunningly beautiful vocal performances. If she does get to sing for the Queen, there will be two queens in the room.

Some of the most ruthless men sat in judgment of Ms. Boyle. They could not stop cheering. “Celebrity Apprentice” and British hard@ss Piers Morgan did more than praise her. He has now offered to be her first kiss. Simon Cowell, master of the acid tongue and “Cowell scowl,” was nearly in tears. These tough as nails men loved her.

If Susan Boyle’s sudden fame does not represent the best aspect of this world, then I do not know what does. Her triumph is a victory for every everywoman and every everyman that has ever been kicked around by life for being too fat, too short, too bald, too old, too young, too poor, or too little.

The best part of this is that she was not given sympathy or charity. She entered a difficult and sometimes vicious industry and conquered it solely based on merit. She did not deserve ridicule because her outward physical appearance is not what much of society categorizes as beautiful. She did deserve accolades because her singing voice is a talent that she honed to absolute perfection.

She would not be denied. She would not take no for an answer. She brought a crowd to their collective feet and showed them what true beauty is about. The world has heard her sing, and she will be in the hearts of many people forever.

Yet in all of this celebration, there is one downside. Her victory is a trip to Hollywood, where she will be around people that are the polar opposite of what she represents. She will be surrounded by narcissistic, spoiled brats that possess good looks and disgusting hearts. One of the ugliest hearts she will encounter, if she is truly unfortunate, will be that belonging to actress and bigot Janeane Garofalo.

Janeane Garofalo is a leftist comedian, which is a fancy way of saying that she is a hateful human being. One could dismiss her as another typical Hollywood imbecile, but that would be unfair to the typical bimbos, who are not as dreadful as she is.

As difficult as it is to concede, she is not a physically ugly woman. She is pretty enough to succeed in the entertainment industry, where looks are essential to success. “Ugly Betty” is fiction. The actual actress would not be allowed near a television script if she looked like that in real life. Janeane Garofalo has looks.

She has nothing else. She has no heart, no soul, and no decency. I know this because she repeatedly tells me so. Yet even by Garofalo standards, she has finally crossed the line.

She referred to the people attending various tea parties around the country as racist rednecks. She called us bigots. She made it clear that these tea parties were specifically a way of trying to strike back at a black President.

This is as disgusting as it is wrong. To quote Sir Charles of Krauthammer, “she is as angry as she is clueless.”

Once again, racial bomb-throwing is coming from the left. Conservatives cannot be a noble opposition. They have to be evil. They must have sinister motives. After all, we know what we see when we look at Barack Obama.

What we see is a typical liberal Democrat. Barack Obama was historic. He is now boring, bland, and typical. That is what equality is all about. He is being treated as any other politician would be treated by people who disagree with him.

Unless of course the protesters are on the left and the President is a conservative. When George W. Bush was President, signs comparing him to Adolf Hitler were common. He was called a Nazi, a Fascist, and every other disgusting name in the book. Were these leftist protesters ostracized? Of course not. They were given free subscriptions to the Jayson Blair Times. They were glorified by the Axis of Anti-Semitism, that being the Huffington Post, Moveon.org, and the Daily Kossacks. The Code Pinkos called the President a war criminal.

So what did the people at the tea parties do that had Janeane Garofolo’s panties tied up in leftist bunched knots?

They dissented. You know, dissent, which was patriotic until January of 2009. There were no riots. There were no scuffles with police. Yes, some of the people were angry, but many of them smiled and waved American flags. Some of these rallies were love-ins. They were like Woodstock, except the people were not drug loving dregs of society. These “protesters” were productive citizens tired of being leeched on.

Janeane Garofalo could not just disagree with the tea party attendees. She had to call them racists. She had to smear them. She could not accept them as legitimate opposition, because then she would have to acknowledge that their views, even if she disagreed, have merit.

The solution is for everyday Americans to reject her. Now liberals will fail to do this, because they simply enjoy spreading hatred and intolerance while accusing conservatives of being hateful and intolerant.

Janeane Garofalo was not insulting George W. Bush or Dick Cheney on this occasion. She was assaulting you. She was assaulting me. She made it clear that attendees at the tea parties were racists.

I attended a tea party. I am no racist. What I am is a man who works hard, earns an honest paycheck, and is tired of paying higher and higher taxes so that others can freeload. I am even more tired of millionaire liberal Hollywood imbeciles telling me I need to give more.

(For my own truly bizarre coverage of the tea parties see here and here.)

Ms. Garofalo needs a muzzle. After all, once she puts on her muzzle, or her feedbag, or whatever a horse’s @ss connected to the rest of an equine creature has, she can then begin her training for the Kentucky Derby. She will most likely be joined by John Kerry, Hillary Clinton (the Bobtail Nag), and other creatures that are better seen and not heard.

Society will be better off when we look at Susan Boyle and remain riveted to our televisions.

All the plainness of her first 47 years cannot hide her beauty.

All the fame, fortune, and adulation cannot alter the 45 years of ugliness that is Janeane Garofalo.

Good luck in Hollywood Ms. Boyle, and be careful. You are too beautiful and lovely a woman to be subjected to such ugliness.

Oh, and watch your back, especially if your politics are as conservative as your manners. You might end up like the rest of decent society, and find yourself Garofaloed.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express