America's Ship of State: Adrift on an Ocean of Lies

By Alan Caruba Saturday, April 25, 2009“The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.”—H.L. Mencken

Does this make sense to you?

The President is closing in on his first hundred days in office, but records that would normally be made available during the course of a campaign or on request have not been made available.

They include:

Occidental College records Columbia College records Columbia Thesis paper Selected Service Registration Medical records Illinois State Senate Schedule Certified copy of original Birth Certificate Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth Record of baptism This President who keeps calling for “transparency” has one of the most opaque “paper trails” of his own life. There must be a reason, right?

What is “Torture”?

The controversy over whether the United States “tortures” people known to engage in terrorist plots against our nation includes condemnations of such practices as:

Water boarding Sleep deprivation Food deprivation Continuous music Lights on all the time Confinement to a small cell Meanwhile, jihadist websites and others in the Middle East have shown videos of the following:

Hostages being beheaded Homosexuals being hanged Improvised explosive devices killing American soldiers Snipers killing American soldiers In some Middle Eastern nations:

Women are subject to “honor killings” Women are gang raped based on nothing but an accusation Women are buried up to their shoulders and stoned to death for adultery Public floggings are a common practice Hands are chopped off as criminal punishment This goes on while some seek to portray America as an uncivilized nation that “tortures” in order to protect its citizens. Meanwhile, there is no reporting on our military’s free medical clinics in Afghanistan that treat people who often walk for a day or more to get there. Heating Up Support for a New Tax: Three days of yet another Congressional charade wrapped up this week as proponents of legislation to impose “cap and trade” restrictions on energy use—a huge tax—trotted out witnesses to declare that “global warming” requires it.

When Al Gore testified, he neglected to mention that, since leaving the office of Vice President, he has made millions from the sale of carbon credits and his investments in companies making “green” technology. This legislation would make him even more wealthy. Add this to his lies about “global warming” and then draw your own conclusion.

And, it need be said loudly and often, there is NO global warming. The planet is in a ten-year-old cooling cycle.

History’s immutable Lessons: History is replete with examples of barbarity and deception. It is naïve to think we should be exempt just because we live in “modern” times.