Commentary by Linda: Darwinism---Illogical, Self-Contradictory, Irrational

Evolutionists commonly claim that in reality the evidence supporting Evolution is overwhelming. This claim however, is self-refuting. It is irrational. Here’s why:

Evidence points back to truth and reality. Truth is exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. History, as it unfolds, is the record of truth and reality, of what works and what does not work. Collectively, this historic knowledge is known as common sense.

Truth, as recorded over and over by history shows that the seed of wheat, when planted, watered and tended, has never brought forth anything but wheat. Never once has the seed of wheat brought forth tomatos, or something entirely new, as ought to have happened at least once if evolution is true.

History records that birds return every spring. Each kind pairs and mates with its own kind and builds nests peculiar to its own kind. Never once has it ever occurred that a robin was seen mating with a bluebird or with a frog. Nor has a nest ever once been seen with a porch, gutters, roof, or TV antenna. Why? Because birds do what birds must do. They possess no free will to do otherwise. Yet if evolution is true, one might reasonably expect to see brogs (a bird/frog) and penthouse nests after all this time.

History says that when mating season arrives, each kind must mate without fail. Not even once has man ever witnessed lions, or bears, or horses for example, refusing to mate, for animals do not possess free will. No, it’s man who freely chooses to refuse to procreate in the name of 'sexual liberation,' 'choice,' Gaia or some such superstitious nonsense.

Not once throughout our long history has man ever witnessed stallions deserting their mares in order to go ‘gay.’ Nor has man ever witnessed even once, a titmouse dying its topnotch orange or purple nor a monkey putting rings through its nose, mouth, and elsewhere. Only man possesses the free will to choose to do not just strange things to his body but things contrary to nature, like 'coming out gay.'

History records that in addition to seeing man choose to do things contrary to nature, it records that man lies. He lies to himself and he lies to others.

Because Darwinism denies reality, it finds it must claim that the Permant Things, that is God, Nature's Law, universal moral law, immutable truth, absolutes, virtue, history, even the two sexes male and female, ought not exist because not only did everything occur and continues to occur by chance--by accident, without purpose or design--- but everything is in continuous flux (movement) as it readies itself for the next quantum leap in evolution. By extension of this Darwinian (il)logic, (which implies history, btw) evidence of any kind-—even empirical-—is merely a delusion, for reality does not exist. Hence the claim made by evolutionists regarding evidence and reality in support of evolution contradicts evolution’s main claim, that truth and reality cannot and do not exist.

How can this self-contradictory conundrum be explained?

“Man lies. He lies to himself, and he lies to others.”