Commentary by Linda:Imbecility in America-- Mark Warner Supports Criminalization of His Own Sex

Commentary by Linda: Transnational Progressivism is a tyrannical, God-and-truth-denying, immoralist movement driven by a spirit of madness and hate. It is the unholy marriage of the 20th century's genocidal totalitarianisms--Communism and Fascism. While both evil regimes prefigured the final worldwide totalitarian system under the Antichrist, it was however, much more the case with Communism in Russia. It was there that the first holocaust occured; a Christian holocaust that devoured thirty million Christians by some estimates. The Jewish holocaust was the second, and occurred in Nazi Germany. Additionally, it was in Russia that Communists tried to destroy the traditional family and to 'unmake' the two sexes, male and female, by forcing androgyny ('gayness') onto the people. Ronald Reagan labeled Soviet (Communist) Russia an 'empire of evil' with good reason, for it was indeed an 'upside-down' regime of horrors characterized by anti-social pathologies: pathological lying, perversion, blasphemy, fear, plunder, death, cruelty, and slavery on a scale previously unseen in the history of man. In short, it was a 'sociopathocracy' that used terror, political correctness, hate crime laws, and speech codes to force its' evil will onto the people.

While Transnational Progressivism is today's global name for yesterday's totalitarianisms, in America it is called Progressive Liberalism, and Obama is its spellbinder, its' 'messiah-in-chief.'

For over eighty-years, the icecap of progressivism has been stealthily inching its way across America. It was during Woodrow Wilson's Fascist regime that progressives slyly replaced our living God with Darwinism, thus ringing the death knell for unchanging truth, universal morality, traditional marriage, property rights, self-defense, and yes---the two sexes, male and female. From that time forward, the America of our Founders has been on a downward-spiraling trajectory to the pandemonium of hell. The forceful push for open borders, gun-grabbing, hate crime laws, same-sex-marriage, 'gay' rights,' and the conditioning of our youth with perversion comes into focus in this light.

A reader of this blog wrote that she had contacted her state representatives with her concerns regarding passage of hate crime laws. Below is the response she received from Mark Warner, a man whose mind is so open to politically correct 'tolerance' that he obviously "stands for nothing and believes everything," everything that is, with one glaring exception: America's founding Judeo-Christian worldview with its unchanging truth, universal morality, and created norms (ie., two sexes, male and female). Mark Warner is a fool for supporting a confusion-engendering bill that will ultimately criminalize him for believing he is a male and not a he-she, or boi, or transgender, or some such lunacy. Nor has it occurred to foolish Warner that one day he will find that he can be 'legally' hit on by 'gays.' The evil will not stop there however. With passage of this demonically Orwellian bill, Warner will wake up one day to find that he has become a felon for trying to protect his own children and grandchildren from pedophilic predation, for under the broad umbrella of 'gay,' is pedophilia--- as well as every other sexual perversion that has existed throughout the long history of man.

All of this evil was 'legalized' in Communist Russia during the Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin regime. It was only after Lenin died, the economy was near collapse, the family virtually destroyed, and in short, all 'hell had broken loose,' that in a desperate attempt at restoring the economy and cultural stability, Stalin quickly recriminalized the 'everything goes' androgyny movement.

Politically correct, moral imbecile Mark Warner wrote: "On April 28, 2009, Senator Edward M. Kennedy introduced S. 909, a bill to provide federal assistance to states, local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes to prosecute hate crimes. This bill would eliminate the federally protected activities requirement and expand the federal government's ability to prosecute crimes targeting victims because of their sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability. Further, it would authorize the Attorney General to provide technical, forensic, prosecutorial and other assistance to state, local, and tribal law enforcement officials for hate crime investigations and prosecutions.

In my view, discrimination is something that cannot be tolerated. As Governor of Virginia, I extended the state government's existing prohibitions on employee discrimination to include sexual orientation, a first in Virginia history. I also supported and signed legislation to allow insurers and businesses to provide health insurance coverage to same-sex couples. Specifically with respect to Senator Kennedy's bill, I believe we should do everything we can to provide local, state, and federal law enforcement the resources necessary to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.

Sincerely, MARK R. WARNER United States Senator"

It's clear that with some sterling exceptions, America's governing class, judiciary, education system, news-media, entertainment, and in short, all culture-shaping institutions, are now controlled by politically correct moral imbeciles and even worse---pathological haters--- who are steering America over the Gaderene Cliffs. All Americans whose souls are not infected by the spiritual disease of progressivism and whose minds remain morally ordered must step forward and fight to regain control of this nation before it completely falls over the cliffs into the pandemonium of hell.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jerusalem Post

A Greek court annulled Greece's only two same-sex marriages, officials said Tuesday, following a furious backlash against the ceremonies from the government and religious leaders.

The two couples - one male, one female - exploited a loophole in a 26-year-old law that did not specify gender in civil weddings, and were married in June last year by the mayor of the small Aegean Sea island of Tilos.

The government immediately declared the marriages illegal and invalid and a prosecutor tabled a suit at the nearby island of Rhodes seeking to annul the marriages.

The Rhodes court issued its ruling late Monday doing that. It was expected to give its reasons later this month.