Mass.: Teachers Being Trained to Push Sexual Disfunctions onto Kids

Posters given to kids on "That's so gay"It drives the homosexual activists crazy that kids react to their agenda by making fun of it. "That's so gay" has become a common retort in school hallways, causing a new propaganda campaign to try to stop such "offensive" behavior. So they're handing out to kids these two wall posters.

Our prediction is that, knowing kids, it will have the opposite effect. They'll say it more than ever, raising the cry by the homosexual lobby that we need more money for "anti-name calling" and, of course, "anti-bullying" programs!

Weird ideologies

GLBT Youth and the Prison Industrial Complex Presented by the "pastor" of a homosexual church in downtown Boston, it deals with a strange theory comparing anti-homosexual sentiment to making schools a prison.

Beyond Binaries: Identity and the Sexuality Spectrum Usually this kind of ultra-radical gender ideology is confined to college campuses. But no longer! Let's bring it into the public schools!

Gender Box Addressing the "challenging" problem that the world sees people as either male or female - which causes heterosexism and gender oppression. (We're not making this up.) 4. Pushing the agenda inside the school

Unplugging the Heterosexual Matrix: One Queer Journey from Teacher to Activist How to take an activist role in addressing "sexism, homophobia, and transphobia in schools."

Planning a Day of Silence They love to pretend it's a spontaneous project of students, but that's just baloney. This workshop also provides "the tools to combat opposition and overcome obstacles relating to the Day of Silence."

Go here: for visuals of imbecilic posters, Twilight Zone conference training material, and in effect, to 'fall through the rabbit hole'' of political correctness