The Godless Collective and Stealth Apostasy

The Gnostic Gospel of Judas Iscariotby Paul Trog

To undercut the virile creativity of the presence of Christ in the affairs of men, is the permanent objective of the Godless Collective. It is their stated aim. The Judeo Christian institutional religions are not the object of their worst fears. Their primary purpose is to abort the release of a dynamic that has created the very essence of Western civilization.

They fear that intangible force which has the power to grip mans' self and to overcome the human condition; this force, they know, has taken hold of most unlikely people in the past. It made out of illiterate fishermen erudite biblical scholars and empowered them with extraordinary creativity. These men confounded the wisdom of their time and laid the foundations of our Christian nations.

Three centuries later, that divine dynamic took hold of a rake in a town of Carthage, (present day Tunisia) and transformed the man into St. Augustin, who became the bishop of Hippo and authored the famous "Confessions"; he is, by the way, the favourite philosopher/Saint of the present Pope, Benedict XVI.

In an upside-down revolution that shook the world, the Son Of Man shouldered mankind’s evil, and, though innocent, chose genetic death as a descendent of both Adam and King David. He was nailed to a cross and died; resurrecting three days later as the First Born Son of God, He turned the fate of humanity around and right side up. He opened the gates of eternity to all those who truly seek Him in the fullness of their heart. Because of Christ and by His grace, rebirth as sons and daughters of God is at hand. And the source of the power that confounds all the stealth and treachery of the Godless Collective, is rooted in this RENAISSANCE.

The Godless Collective (an alliance encompassing Masonry, Marxist/Communism, “The Vision Thing” of the adherents of Cecil Rhodes among others) has fully understood the above and is fostering a counter offensive aimed at the deconstruction of the name of God and His Christ by stealth apostasy. Not too long ago, a well known theologian declared the Eternal God to be a " God in fragments, a fractured God" (Dieu fractures).

This published 'definition' was authored by the French Dominican priest J.J.Pohier.

And consider the following abomination: Prof. of Theology Hermann Haring of Nijmegen University (Holland) wrote in his protocol of November 2000, "Thus God in Himself is nothing..." (Gott ist in sich also nichts...). Some Nirvana specialists make God disappear in etheral clouds altogether, while others just simply declare Him dead.

The bloodsport of radically deconstructing Holy Writ, which has become an accepted practice in many theological circles, is knowingly encouraged by the apostates.

Another successful method used by the apostate crowd, is to promote a blinkered biblical literalism, a bare bones Christianity that is shorn of the vast richness and depth of meaning contained in the WORD, thus denying Holy Writ the space to unfold fully in its majestic dimension. In addition, this approach is very often extremely divisive.

Dan Brown's sacrilegious 'Da Vinci Code' must also be seen as a first rate apostate weapon, as must, for that matter, the wilfully erroneous translation of a lost 3rd century religious text by the National Geographic Society: The gnostic Gospel of Judas Iscariot.

In an Op-Ed. article in the New York Times of Dec. 1st 2007, written by Prof. April D. DeConick of Rice University, the author states that a shocker was revealed by the Society's translators: Judas didn't betray Jesus. Instead, Jesus asked Judas, his most trusted and beloved disciple, to hand Him over to be killed. Judas's reward? Ascent to heaven and exaltation above all other disciples. DeConick re-translated the Society's transcription of the Coptic text and found that the actual meaning is vastly different.

While the National Geographic translation supports the provocative Interpretation of Judas as a hero, an accurate reading makes clear that Judas is not only no hero, he is a demon. The text specifically refers to Judas as a 'daimon' which the Society's experts translated as 'spirit'. Actually, the universally accepted word for 'spirit' is 'pneuma' and in Gnostic literature, 'daimon' means 'demon'. Likewise, Judas is not set apart 'for' the holy generation, as the N.G. translation says, he is separated 'from' it, when translated correctly.

They also altered the Coptic text egregiously in eliminating a negative from the Coptic original which stated in fact that Judas 'will NOT ascend to the holy generation'. Of course the gnostics mocked the atoning value of Jesus' death and were bad indeed. But the intent of the Society to do harm to the Christian belief structure with this translation is clearly apparent. It is a prime example of the workings of stealth apostasy; and there are countless more!

The ultimate goal of the Godless Collective is to generate, the "ANTI-RESURECTION", out of which the 'genetic superman' will emerge, shorn of every trace and remnant of the living God.

In Marxist-Leninist parlance, this being is called the 'Communist Man'. The National-Socialists named this genetic construct the 'Uebermensch'. To achieve this aim, globalism has to be fully embraced by mankind and a global dictatorship must be in place. At that point, work will begin in earnest and the final decoupling of man from his God will proceed in the open: by use of genetic mutation, atrocious psycho/chemical methods, by skilled propaganda and the like.

Marxist Communism advanced the above process with its upside-down revolution of 1989, which faked its demise and fooled the Western powers successfully. With this deception, they achieved an unparalelled cooperation and access to priceless Western technology. The result is a powerful resurgence of global communism, fostered and supported by the other conspirators of the Godless Collective. At present, we are witnessing the systematic deconstruction of the democratic nation-state by stealth or openly, as ultimate globalism emerges.

It seems that the final confrontation between the new Adam, our Lord Jesus Christ, - and the genetic Antichrist, is approaching apace.

Paul Trog Innsbruck 04/15/09