Democracy to Marxism to Marxism by Kent Herrick

Gradualism Defined: Decentralize the family; corrupt morals; eliminate God; oppress free speech; redefine justice; manipulate the Constitution; create dependency; legitimize class hatreds; nationalize industry; promote unions, centralize planning; divide the country; create class conflict; disarm the "radical extreme elements"; suppress resistance;

The New Iron Curtain descends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commentary by Linda: Marxism and America's Progressive Liberalism are twins. Obama is a Progressive Liberal, as are almost all Democrats.

The demonically twisted view of Progressive Liberalism is relentlessy broadcast into your minds by way of television and video games. It's taught to your children in our so-called 'public schools.' Progressive Liberalism's diabolicism---it's hatred of humanity and of all things good, true, and normal---is openly seen in the unrelenting sexual perversion and subversion of our youth and the pornografication of our culture. Here we can see progressive liberalism's death wish for us, for by way of this program, it spreads dysfunction, disease, and sterilization. The footsoldiers in this particular agenda are many. They are for instance, the NEA (National Educator's Assoc.), PlannedParenthood, GLSEN, and the ACLU. The funders? George Soros, the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation,Ted Turner, international money-changers, and others.

It's message of hate and violence takes the form of music, rap in particular. It's mindless pagan spirituality is in much of contemporary music. It has also cleverly crept into Christian contemporary music, making discernment of paramount importance, for fundamentally, music is evangelization.

With the exception of some private colleges and universities, the rest are either controlled by or heavily influenced by the progressive liberal view.

Open borders policies in their various guises are really progressive liberalism's demonic determination to drown America in wave upon wave of unassimilated immigrants.

Liberal theology is progressive liberalism in religious dress. Jeremiah Wright's preachments on black superiority/ white hatred is progressive liberalism's spirit of hate and murder. Obama's mind resonates with Wright's preachments.

Progressive Liberalism not only has no authoritative, absolute source for morality, but is in fact, built on a massive edifice of falsehood and immorality. George Orwell, author of "1984," and "Animal Farm" invented the term Doublespeak to describe liberalism's bottomless immorality, the ceaseless lying and evil of progressive liberalism. As he famously described it's diabolical twist: Slavery is Freedom, Death is Life, 2+2=5.

The dark spirit of Progressive Liberalism cunningly seduces on two levels. On one level it speaks to the people; it promises to dry all eyes, to bring about fairness, to end all suffering, to make all things perfect, to make everyone equal, which really means to make all desires---no matter how base, no matter how abnormal-- equal and normal. With great cunning, it relieves you of all guilt; it becomes the 'keeper of your conscience' even as it speaks to and inflames your narcissism, covetousness, envy, greed and gluttony. On another level, it seductively whispers to those in positions of authority: "You can be as gods. All this can be yours: Power to create a new and perfected man and to bring heaven (utopia) to earth." What it does not say however, is that without God, there is only evil, and those who reach for the power of God, will utterly fall--- tumbling ever downward on a sex, horror, murder, insanity trajectory. This is the Highway to Hell.

At bottom, Progressive Liberalism is a death wish; it is the Culture of Death. Hate crime laws and speech codes are the Culture of Death's diabollically twisted 'morality.' To be charged with a hate crime is to be found guilty of resisting diabolicism and death. -----Linda