Pedophile Ringleader was Top Adviser to Scottish Gov'ts Homosexuality and Children

Commentary: To say we are living in interesting times is a vast understatement. What we are living in is chaos, unimaginable insanity, and evil beyond reckoning. Once upon a time, back when moral sanity prevailed, common sense, decent, law abiding people knew better than to stick their fingers into electric sockets or to allow foxes into henhouses. They knew the difference between liars and truthtellers, idle parasites and responsible hard-workers, and they always preferred the latter to the former. They never mistook criminals and barbaric terrorists for the good-guys. They knew there are only two sexes, male and female. Had some imbecile accused them of a hate crime for being male or female they would have laughed the fool out of town or tarred and feathered him. Maybe both. And they would never knowingly allow predators such as pedophiles and pederasts within ten miles of children. Indeed, sex predators knew better than to 'act out' their dark fantasies, for the law was on the side of the decent, not the indecent.

Today, stupidity, moral imbecility, and evil are pandemic. Telling ourselves that only the superstitious believe in the existence of evil and sin, and our minds befogged by politically correct stupidity, we can no longer recognize evil even when it stares us in the face. Even when it takes control of and perverts our government, law, and courts. And in our blindness, we hand our most precious children over to evil so it might do to our children as it pleases. Only after it has damaged our children do we wonder what went wrong? Refusing to believe in the existence of evil, we wonder why, when we put the fox (sex predators) in the henhouse (in our schools) the fox preyed on the chickens?



By Kathleen Gilbert

EDINBURGH, Scotland, May 14, 2009 ( - A ringleader of a pedophile ring unveiled in Scotland was a top advisor to the Scottish Executive on homosexual issues regarding children, reports the Daily Mail. reported Monday that James Rennie, the 38-year-old chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, was found guilty this month of molesting for four years an infant - beginning when the infant was 3-months-old - whom friends left with Rennie to babysit.

Rennie, who resigned from his position at LGBT Youth following his arrest late last year, lobbied for homosexual issues in the Scottish parliament, and has visited with the Prime Minister of England as "the Executive's most important and influential adviser on gay issues affecting children," according to the Daily Mail.

Among other issues, the group lobbied for adoption to homosexual couples under Rennie's leadership.

Rennie and fellow homosexual activist Neil Strachan, who was found guilty of assaulting an 18-month-old boy he was babysitting on New Year's Eve 2005, are facing maximum sentences of life in prison as the ringleaders of an extensive network of pedophiles.

The two men shared victims and images of the abuse with six other men found guilty in the bust. The group was found guilty last week of over 50 charges, including sex attacks on children, conspiring to abuse children, and possessing and distributing child pornography.

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