Obama's 'Gay' Adviser Urges Challenge to 'Heteronormative Parenting"

Commentary: In the following article, we read that Obama's 'gay' faith-based adviser is calling for America to abandon Judeo-Christian tradition, in this case, the two sexes as created and designed by God. Since God is dead, so too is the 'notion' that we are meant to be either male or female. 'Gays' claim it's hateful, intolerant, biggotted, and racist to 'cling' to the superstition that mankind is either male or female. To believe this is to be guilty of 'heteronormativism.' Heteronormativism however, is itself an outward sign of inward spiritual disorder, of moral insanity. Heteronormatism is an insanity-inducing concept. It not only means that mankind is not simply male and female---as created by God-- but multi-gendered, or 'gay.' In avoidance of truth and reality, politically correct progressives and their duped followers refuse to define 'gay' because it really means normalizing every unnatural impulse mankind has acted on from the dawn of history. In other words, a multitude of repulsive, unnatural fetishes, bestiality, pederasty and pedophillia (child abuse), necrophillia, sadomasochism, rape, and much more. It's this utterly unnatural, aberrant, repulsive reality that they want to avoid admitting, so they flee truth like demons flee the cross. And of course if mankind is really 'gay,' then it makes sense that all Judeo-Christian moral absolutes, norms, and standards are as wrong (evil) as is the idea that man is of two sexes. Progressivism and political correctness are interchangeable. Their underlying purpose is the liberation of man from tradition: God, moral absolutes and unchanging truth, the family, procreation, and yes....man's God-created soul as well.

The battle to liberate man from God is being fought cunningly, seductively, persuasively on multiple fronts. On one front, for example, it is waged by way of a subtle, all-pervading war against tradition. In the name of success, happiness, wealth, and material salvation we are urged to change, modernize, to move toward 'progress'. But like 'gay' these terms remain undefined. And we neither ask ourselves what they mean, nor do we stop to consider the long-term consequences of them. Our imaginations taken captive, discernment deactivated, we have become accustomed to listening to and acting upon the spoken word of the all-pervading Voice of Culture. Upon command of the Voice, millions of parents have handed their children over to 'gays,' PlannedParenthood, and the NEA, who condition them to rebel against their own parents, reject morality, hate their own country, believe they evolved from slime and to fornicate like rabbits in heat. Upon command of the Voice, millions of Americans obediantly voted for Obama, for 'change' is good. Upon command of the Voice, millions will support passage of Hate Crime legislation.

Change is good; tradition is bad. Out with the old, in with the new. New is somehow always better than old. But where is 'change' taking us? We don't know, nor do we ask.

The Bible advises us to seek the ways of Jesus Christ....the traditions that bring us comfort, assurance, and stability in a world writhing and spasming in relentless change as history moves toward culmination. But we have forgotten this fundamental truth; this important thread in the fabric of tradition we are jettisoning on behalf of 'change.'

The Enemy however, has not forgotten. For as we mindlessly march to the Enemy's beat of modernization, change, and progress, we march in time to his insanely mocking, jeering, contemptuous laughter. And we dare not look into the mirror, for there we will see the face of the enemy....and it looks just like us. ____Linda


Obama's Faith-Based Adviser Urges Challenge to ‘Heteronormative' Fatherhood Monday, May 18, 2009 By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

(CNSNews.com) - A controversial member of President Barack Obama’s faith-based council said that part of the administration’s role in promoting responsible fatherhood should include moving beyond America's 'heteronormative normative view of fatherhood.' Read More: http://www.cnsnews.com/public/content/article.aspx?RsrcID=48232