Progressivism's Coming 'Heaven on Earth' (Hell on Earth)

Commentary: In the following article published by Common Dreams, a progressive website, author Phillip Bannowsky, a progressive religious zealot, writes, " Solidarity smells the rat who divides white from black, black from gay, native from newcomer, or America from the rest of humanity." Though calling itself 'scientific and enlightened,' Progressivism is really polytheism revitalized and made palatable for today's Westerner. It worships many gods: the 'evolution' deity, Gaia, the 'natural selection' deity, the goddess of chance, Hedon (goddess/god of sexual liberation), Moloch (PlannedParenthood), Solidarity, and of course, every progressive is his own god.

The twentieth century witnessed death, suffering, and catastrophic destruction unlike anything previously experienced throughout man's long history. The scale of murder was so massive that the word 'genocide' was invented to describe the charnal-house horrors and oceans of blood. Between 100,000,000-350,000,000 men, women, and children were murdered by progressive zealots in pursuit of bringing into being, the 'heaven on earth' they had long anticipated. Believing they had Godlike power to create a perfected New Man, progressive zealots slaughtered, tortured, and conducted horrific experiments on people in pursuit of creating the New Man.

History is provided by God for us that we may learn from it. Progressives in control of academia, the media and entertainment, and all other avenues for the dissemination of information however, blithely sweep history under the rug. Because we are not to know what happened, talk radio and the conservative blog-o-sphere, whose work is to reveal Truth, are virulently hated by progressive utopians, who seek to shut them down.

Their feet off the ground, heads lost among the clouds, and minds possessed by vain fantasies, progressive zealots dream impossible dreams of their coming salvation when by their own efforts, heaven has finally been brought to earth.

Zealot Phillip Bannowsky describes the goddess "Solidarity" who will avenge the 'oppressed' by wielding her mighty sword of vengeance against all " who divides white from black, black from gay, native from newcomer, or America from the rest of humanity. " In typical pantheist-speak, the goddess is going to make all men 'one,' all individual differences will be lost as man loses his individuality in the great waters of 'oneness' where finally, he will be 'one with nature' or one with 'the Force.' And finally, the evil-doers who speak of individuality---for that is how the great I Am created them---will be punished for their evil, divisive preachments.

Their eyes blind to reality, progressives view the destruction of America and the West as 'end-times' signs pointing to the long and eagerly anticipated 'heaven on earth.' Their minds clouded by impossible imaginings, progressives feverishly work to stoke higher and higher the fires of destruction raging through America and the West. When America finally lies ruined among the smoking ashes, and the Ring of Power has at long last fallen into their eagerly waiting hands, America's progressives will Fall just as the twentieth century's progressives Fell. And like Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others too numerous to name, they will discover that they have become the Hands of Evil by which mass murder is committed. And their heaven on earth will be revealed as a Hell on Earth guarded by demons.-----Linda


Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness Published on Sunday, May 24, 2009 by The News Journal (Delaware)

Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness by Phillip Bannowsky

Socialism is better than capitalism. So say 20 percent of Americans, and another 27 percent say they can't say which is better, according to an April 9 Rasmussen poll.

There's hope.

When you consider that virtually no newspaper, broadcaster, well-funded think tank, teacher, or anybody's boss or commander ever said something nice about socialism, it's remarkable that only 53 percent of us still favor rule by the moneyed class. Perhaps folks are learning how capitalism sacrifices happiness for individual gain.

As Billy Bragg exhorts us in his update of the socialist anthem 'The Internationale': "Stand up, all victims of oppression/ for tyrants fear your might/ Don't cling so hard to your possessions/ For you have nothing if you have no rights."

No less a "capitalist tool" than Forbes Magazine let a red cat out of the bag with a report this month that the happiest countries tend to be Scandinavian socialist democracies. High per-capita GDP certainly plays a role in their felicity, but even social democratic New Zealand, with per-capita GDP only 64 percent of the United States', ranks with the 10 democracies above us in the happiness index.

They pay high taxes in these pinkotopias, but folks enjoy entitlements like free college, extensive elder care, and 52-week paid maternity leave.

The 2005 poll measured personal reports of enjoyment, pride in achievement and learning, being respected, among other things. Forbes suggests that such happiness derives from family, social and community networks, and a decent work-life balance, noting that the average workweek in Scandinavia is 37 hours.

Nice dream, but how do we get there?

Most of these countries dumped capitalist exploitation long ago and instituted mixed economies with socialist ideals. More contemporary models are the 11 Latin America countries pursuing "Socialism in the 21st Century." They too reject top-down Leninism for a system based on participatory democracy and solidarity.

In Ecuador, a land I have studied and worked in, a broad coalition of indigenous, environmentalists, trade unions, professional organizations, feminists, gay activists, left parties, and students laid the groundwork for transformation. They just re-elected Rafael Correa, their leftist standard-bearer, as president. They fought racism, oligarchs, oil companies, and corrupt politicians for decades.

The economies of Latin America's red eleven are improving, although none of them has instituted a socialist utopia. They are still subject to the slings and arrows of egotism, error, and internecine conflict. But they have overcome the greatest impediments to their advancement, including the U.S.-based bankers who are draining our treasury now. And the civil society they created in the struggle is the guarantor of their democracy.

Before finding the path of progress, many of these countries had lurched from violent paroxysm to confusion and resignation, not unlike what the U.S. currently endures.

For example, our Auto Industry Task Force just bankrupted GM and Chrysler, fired tens of thousands of employees, extorted immense sacrifices from active and retired autoworkers, and is dominated by the investment bankers who absorbed trillions in national wealth to keep themselves rich after destroying the economy.

Instead of seizing plants as our Canadian comrades are doing, or adding "bossnapping" to plant occupations as the French have done, we shake our heads as the union negotiates the terms of surrender.

What could we do with socialism? Well, take banks for starters: take them, so instead of private scams that go broke gambling with money they don't own, they'd become public utilities that finance production, infrastructure, and homes.

And treat aging industries like autos: instead of dumping, we'd transform them according to a national plan for green jobs and a healthy environment.

Solidarity is the path as well as the destination of socialism. Solidarity grieves when a worker loses his job or sees her pension slashed. Solidarity cheers when a union wins middle-class pay. Solidarity rejects the greed of insurers as the distributor of healthcare and demands single payer for all.

Solidarity smells the rat who divides white from black, black from gay, native from newcomer, or America from the rest of humanity.

"So come brothers and sisters/For the struggle carries on/ The Internationale/ Unites the world in Song.

"So comrades come rally/ For this is the time and place/ The international ideal/ Unites the human race."

~ Phillip Bannowsky is a member of The News Journal Community Advisory Board and is a retired autoworker. His novel, 'The Mother Earth Inn', recounts the early stirrings of Ecuador's current transformation.

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