US Embassy in Baghdad Holds 'Gay Pride' Celebration: America Spreads its Infection

A U.S. Embassy in a Muslim country has sponsored an event to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle.

Last night the U.S. Embassy in Iraq held a "Gay Pride Theme Party" at a pub called Baghdaddy's. Embassy employees were encouraged to attend the Baghdad event dressed in drag or as a homosexual icon.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says homosexual activism at U.S. embassies was prevalent during the Bush administration, but it has gone a step further under the Obama administration

"This is insanity to rub America's gay pride in the face of a country filled with Muslims who reject homosexuality as shameful," he contends. "It is bad foreign policy, bad diplomacy, and it's another reason for these people to hate the United States."

LaBarbera says the American gay pride event in Iraq gives the Arab press yet another opportunity to criticize American decadence.