The 'Godman' View of Mankind vs America's Founding View of Man

Commentary: In their article, 'Obama's War on Talk Radio,' authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann observe, "The opening barrage in Obama's efforts to reign in talk radio was fired by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week when its actingChairman Michael J. Copps announced an investigation of Arbitron's radiomeasuring technology called the Portable People Meter. (Not to beconfused with the Purple People Eater celebrated in song in the 1950s). "

Among our Constitutionally guaranteed rights are freedom of speech and conscience. The foundation of these rights is spiritual, meaning that they are rights precisely because man is created in the spiritual image of his Creator. Thus man thinks and reasons because his Creator endowed him with a spiritual mind capable of thought and reason. Likewise man can know right from wrong because again, his Creator endowed him with a spiritual conscience by which he can know right from wrong. And because the Author of moral law and our rights created each man as a unique individual endowed with free will, our rights are designed for individual choice-makers and not for collectivized 'special rights groups', as has become the case by way of the insidiously corrupt outworkings of Progressive Liberalism and its adjuncts, political correctness, multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, and the green and gay agendas.

Today's Progressive Liberalism is the syncretization of the 20th century's totalitarian neo-pagan irreligions, Marxist Communism and National Socialism. In turn, these two movements were spawned by the Enlightenment's first progressive project, the French Revolution, which ended in horrific bestiality and carnage. Though many people attempt to attach National Socialism (fascism/Nazism) to true Christianity (as opposed to liberalized or pantheistic Christianity) and true conservatism (as opposed to neo-or-Darwinian conservatism), this is a fallacy. The common denominator of both Marxist Communism and National Socialism is naturalism (paganism). This means that whereas true Christians/Conservatives uphold as creator of everything, the Bible's rational, living Creator, Marxist Communists, National Socialists, Progressive Liberals and Darwinian neo-conservatives view irrational creation itself as the 'creator' of everything.

In this view, man is nothing more than an extension of irrational nature. Materialists claim that man is merely irrational matter in motion while pantheists claim that he is merely an extension of an impersonal Cosmic Spirit, or Force, or Overmind. Both views deprive man of individuality, personality, free will, individual mind, and conscience. In short, freedom is impossible, for man is nothing more than a mere irrational grain of sand, one of billions that comprise every beach. Man then, is at the mercy of the natural forces that endlessly shape and reshape the beach. Whether washed out to sea, trod upon, blown about by winds, used as material for the building of sandcastles, or pooped on by gulls, he must suffer his fate...his doom...for he is not free of the beach of which he is but one of billions of other faceless, anonymous sand particles.

Both materialists and pantheists refer to this state of helplessness as 'determinism,' which is really another way of saying that what man is, what he does, and what becomes of him is completely predestined by forces of nature. Not unsurprisingly, this view is conducive to racism, slavery, elitism, and even declarations of godhood. From Nimrod to the Egyptian Pharoahs and Rome's Nero and Domitian, on down through history to Karl Marx and today's progressive NWO UN power-brokers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, all have this in common: naturalism (paganism), some form of evolution, and declarations of godhood.

While debasing and dehumanizing America's 'masses,' both progressive materialists and pantheists have taken it upon themselves to elevate a relatively small number of favored classes such as 'gays,' non-whites, criminals, and terrorists. Because mindless, bottonless hate and envy is the demonic fuel driving progressive 'elites'--- who view themselves as standing godlike outside of good and evil----they freely intimidate, terrorize, and coerce decent, law-abiding Americans into submission to the vulgar, unnatural and voracious demands of the 'favored' groups. They do this by way of hate crime laws and other underhanded, manipulative schemes devised to bring about submission. Absolute submission is required, for traditional America must be demolished in order that global progressives can finally bring into being their long dreamed about NWO 'heaven on earth.'

Toward the twin goal of seizing control of the minds of our youth and of destroying America's founding view of man, the primary weapon utilized is Darwinism, taught in our schools as scientific fact, which it is not. Little do unsuspecting Americans know, but the moment they accept as true the Darwinian account, they have unwittingly forfeited their individual souls, minds, free will, and Constitutional rights based upon these spiritual attributes. In this light, Darwinism comes into focus as a trap and progressive 'elites' as 'spiritual vampires.'

Talk radio and the conservative blog-o-sphere are viewed as thoroughly dangerous threats by progressive 'godmen' for four primary reasons. First, they prompt individual thought and conscience, which point back to the founding view of man. Second, they promote dissent, which points to the reality of free will. And third, they prompt a search for truth---a recovery of America's founding Christian-Judeo ideas, or worldview. This last points to the reality of our Creator and absolutes, which progressives forcibly deny. Fourth, the intellectual Conservative movement came into being after WWII precisely for the twin causes of recovering the spiritual underpinnings of Western civilization in harness with exposure of progressive ideas; evil ideas which when acted upon in the 20th century, unleashed horrific suffering, catastrophic destruction, slavery, and genocide upon the world. Progressive insiders fear a revitalization of that movement.

The very notion that Americans might recover their memory of 'who and what they are' (individual choice-makers made in the spiritual image of their Creator, and endowed by Him with unalienable rights) in harness with recovery of the truth of America's founding enflames monstrous fear and virulent hatred within the blackened, withered souls of progressive 'godman' megalomaniacs, hence their reckless drive to censor talk radio and the conservative blog-o-sphere.----Linda

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Obama's war on talk radio By Dick Morris & Eileen Mc Gann . Obama's liberal philosophy dictates that when the news is bad, shoot the messenger. The newest data from Arbitron, the company charged with measuring the size of radio audiences, suggests that listenership to hip hop, inner city, and minority radio has been overstated in the past and that the popularity of conservative talk radio has been under-reported. . This conclusion — ideologically inconvenient for Obama — comes from the company's decision to dispense with the Stone Age way it has been measuring radio audiences — by hand written diaries based on listener memory — with modern machines which automatically record what the person is listening to and for how long. . The opening barrage in Obama's efforts to reign in talk radio was fired by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week when its acting Chairman Michael J. Copps announced an investigation of Arbitron's radio measuring technology called the Portable People Meter. (Not to be confused with the Purple People Eater celebrated in song in the 1950s). . Arbitron is the company tasked with rating radio listenership. The equivalent of the Neilson television ratings, its measurements of audience share are revered like Scripture by station managers, owners, and advertisers. Traditionally, Arbitron relied on hand written diaries. Since the diaries were based on memory, they were often faulty. . So Arbitron availed itself of new technology in launching its Portable People Meter (PPM) — a cell phone sized unit the listener wears on his or her belt which automatically notes what station they are tuning in and when they switch or stop. . The PPM measurements concluded that hip hop, urban rock, and minority-oriented radio stations reached fewer listeners and for shorter periods of time than the diaries had indicated. It found that talk radio had a larger listenership. . The left saw an ideological bias at work and the states of New York and New Jersey sued Arbitron alleging discrimination in its choice of the sample charged with wearing the PPMs. It said that the ratings agency, which presumably recruited its sample by phone, was under-representing people without landlines who used only cell phones and hence under-counted minorities. Now the FCC is launching its own investigation. . But almost all political polling is done by telephone and samples cannot include cell phones because one cannot determine the residence of the user from the number. Since survey researchers draw their samples geographically, they do not know which cell phone numbers are for which neighborhoods. (Land lines distribute the first three numbers of an exchange geographically). . If Arbitron is flawed, so is all polling, political and otherwise. The accuracy of most polling in predicting election results suggests that the flaws cannot be too bad. . What is really at work here is an effort by the FCC to stack the deck to help left-wing and minority stations earn higher advertising revenues than those to which their real market share would entitle them. . Solicitous of the financial viability of its liberal allies on radio and anxious to undermine the balance sheets of conservative stations, the FCC is lending itself to the president's political agenda. . This investigation is, of course, only the first shot of the war against conservative radio. Soon the FCC will try to strip right wing stations of their licenses or impose fines on them payable to National Public Radio. In our forthcoming book, Catastrophe, we explain how this offensive will work and what will be its likely consequences. . But the opening salvo has been fired by the FCC which is willingly lending itself to stations with Democratic bias in an effort to swell their advertising revenues and to stop the growth of talk radio. Because the FCC will do much more to try to destroy the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Levin, and Neil Boortz, we must be vigilant if we hope to keep free speech alive, even if it comes from the right side of the stage.