America's Free-Fall Into Progressive Insanity and Totalitarianism

Commentary: Our morally-insane progressive President has made it official. June is now a month of celebration. On behalf of what? What are we celebrating? The enslavement of man by base, unnatural impulses. Proclaims Obama, "NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to turn back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it exists." Here we witness the complete inversion of America's founding Judeo-Christian culture. In the days of our Founders and for more than 150 years thereafter, Americans discerned between good and evil, natural and unnatural, decent and indecent, and truth and falsehood. Hence all Americans---whether they personally liked it or not---accepted that the Creator made only two sexes, male and female, and that we were to conduct our lives according to His transcendant universal moral law. History's lessons confirmed that conformity to universal moral law was best, for wherever man lived unfettered by transcendant moral law, sexual confusion, rampant promiscuity, perversion, sexual abuse of females and children, disease, and other social ills would soon set in and destroy society. Taking these lessons as true, our Founders and religious leaders taught and preached conformity to God's universal moral law.

With Obama's insane proclamation, the turning upside-down of America that first began during the progressive administration of Woodrow Wilson---an openly fascist administration by the way, for in those days progressives were not only brazenly fascist but open admirers of Mussolini and Hitler----is all but finished. In other words, since Wilson's administration, progressives have been stealthily replacing the truths of America's Christian heritage with the ideas undergirding the pagan, Godless revolutionary faith that emerged out of the first progressive project, the French Revolution, which ended in terror, carnage, bestiality, cannibalism, and mass murder.

The dumbing-down and preparing of Americans to passively accept the destruction of traditional values America, to even view its destruction as merited, and to apathetically embrace---even to welcome--- the chains of slavery under a totalitarian regime, all slyly disguised as 'change, fairness, tolerance, diversity, nonjudgementalism, universal health, going green (saving Gaia), and equality' has been an unqualified success. For today a majority of Americans, especially the younger generation, being ignorant of America's founding worldview, simply do not recognise totalitarian ideas. Like lost, trusting sheep, they accept evil ideas as viable solutions to our nation's problems.

Being dumbed-down, they unwittingly accept as true the incessant propaganda posing as 'news' that is broadcast daily by mainstream media, which in reality is nothing more than progressivism's official propaganda 'mouthpiece'. Their minds captured by lies, they accept as true that Pres. George Bush is evil incarnate but Obama's mesmeric narcissism is merely a sign of his great leadership and compassion.

In their ignorance, they hand their children over to public school 'mind-conditioners' who then condition them to accept as true that God is dead, man evolved out of slime, there is no right way or wrong way, no such thing as truth, America deserves to be destroyed, and sexual perversion is merely another 'lifestyle option.' Public schools are really progressive indoctrination camps; the mirror image of the progressive Soviet Union's detdoma.

America is on a fast-track toward totalitarian communism, or a version thereof. How did we come to this pass?

During Wilson's regime, progressive operatives put into action an insidious plan to slowly infiltrate, pervert and invert, all of America's culture-and-moral shaping institutions. This means that they slowly took control of our information and dissemination institutions (ie., media, entertainment, music, etc), institutions of learning, religious institutions, and institutions of law and politics. In particular, they focused on capture of Christian-Judeo morality, which by slow degrees they upended and perverted, which is why today so very many Americans view sexual perversion as a 'social good.' By way of what they called a 'long march through our institutions' progressives slowly but surely captured the minds of Americans and transformed them with progressive ideas, ideas which when acted on in the 20th century unleashed evil on a scale hitherto unheard of in our world.

The Bible speaks of the need to 'take captive every idea' and transform it. This is precisely what progressives did. They took captive every Christian idea and transformed it to reflect progressivism. As we look around our nation and see its utter disintegration in tandem with the creep of evil, we witness the truth behind the Bible's admonition. For taking captive and transforming ideas works, as the enemy of God knows.

Since our real battle is of ideas, what we must do is initiate a counter-march. We must do the work of educating ourselves with the truths of our founding worldview. Then we must march through the institutions, capturing and transforming ideas as we march. Only in this manner can we 'capture' the minds of Americans and transform them---and our society--- with Truth. -----Linda