What is Evil? "Gay" Abuse of Our Children (Must Be Seen to Be Believed)

MassResistance Update On Saturday, May 9, the homosexuals showed us all what they think of our children. They brought kids as young as 12 to their annual all-day "Youth Pride Day" in downtown Boston. It started at the Boston Common at noon with a "celebration" featuring "gay" speeches and crude entertainment. Then they paraded the kids down the street past the State House. That night was a "transgender prom" for kids held at Boston City Hall. A tool for activists preying on kids.

The homosexual "youth pride" parade is an insidious tool for homosexual activists to reinforce a "gay" or "transgender" identity in the minds of vulnerable kids. A constant theme throughout the year has been persuading kids to "come out" as homosexual, adopt the homosexual identity they were "meant" to have. In the parade, the activists get them yelling and screaming, chanting homosexual slogans such as "We're here, we're queer, get used to it." They encourage the kids to proudly and publicly display their homosexuality. (This year, a transgender chant was also heard: "What do we want? Trans rights! When do we want 'em? Now!")

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