Busted! Predator Principal, 2 Teachers Arrested: School Sex Predation Exposed

Busted! 2nd teacher arrested after predator principalNew case reveals school epidemic of instructors sexually abusing students

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By Chelsea Schilling © 2009 WorldNetDaily

While a high school principal serves prison time and a teacher remains in jail for rape, yet another instructor at the same school been arrested this week for sexual assault of a student.

As WND reported, one popular teacher was arrested Tuesday for rape of a student at Sussex Central High School in Georgetown, Del. – the day after the well-liked instructor gave the spring commencement speech.

Now, state police have arrested a second teacher at the same high school and charged him with sexual extortion of a student and unlawful sexual contact.

Athletic trainer and a full-time substitute teacher, John Rainis, 25, was taken into custody Wednesday night after rumors revealed he was having an inappropriate relationship with a female student.

The female student, a senior, told police that Rainis touched her inappropriately while she was receiving treatment for an athletic injury.

According to court records, he told her, "You know you like it."

She said that when she tried to stop him, the trainer told her he was the only person with authority to approve her participation in soccer.

She said he once told her, "Remember, I'm the one that clears you to play."

The student, who recently turned 18, said Rainis invited her on dates and frequently asked her come to his house. Police said they believe the sexual contact occurred several times in the training room at the high school in March.

Rainis' employment has been terminated and he has been committed to the Department of Correction in default of $7,000 cash bail.

Indian River School Board President Charles Bireley told WGMD 92.7 that police are investigating to determine whether there have been other incidents at the school.

Another teacher, John O. Thompson, was exceptionally popular among his students at Sussex Central High School – so admired that the student body nominated Thompson to speak at the school's graduation Monday night.

But less than 24 hours after his speech, Delaware state troopers arrested the 26-year-old teacher for rape of a 15-year-old female student.

Two students informed administrators that Thompson was having sex with their sophomore friend at the teacher's home and in his car.

Detectives executed a search warrant and said they found evidence of the assault at Thompson's home and in his car indicating that he had sexual contact with the girl at least two times.

The girl's father told WGMD that he hadn't allowed his young daughter to have a cell phone, but he recently learned that Thompson bought one for her.

He told the "Jared Morris Show" the family is stunned by the news. He said his daughter is modest and is not allowed to date.

"She was not those girls that you see that look like they're 22. She looked like she was all of 14," he said. "She's just a sweet, sweet girl. Everyone that knows her, all the teachers that know her, will tell you that. … She does not want to go back to this school at all. She's devastated by all of this."

A spokesman for the Indian River School District said the teacher was immediately suspended without pay. Thompson has been charged with first-degree rape and unlawful sexual contact. He reportedly failed to pay $5,500 in secured bail and was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in Georgetown.

Rainis' case is the third incident of administrators having sex with students at the high school in one year.

Former Sussex Central High School principal Dana Goodman, 38, pleaded guilty and was convicted of repeatedly having sex with his 17-year-old student in his vehicle and at various motels in 2008.

Several parents told WBOC reporters the news of Goodman's arrest was shocking but that they weren't surprised because they had heard rumors of the principal's involvement with teachers and students for a year.

Goodman, formerly a middle school teacher, was originally sentenced to 32 years but had his sentenced reduced to four years upon completion of an intensive sex-offender rehabilitation program.