Godless, Global, Totalitarian

byHilmar von Campe http://www.voncampe.com/monthlyarticles/godless_global_totalitarian.html

More and more Americans begin to ask themselves whether our government establishment can be trusted. Washington gets worse and worse and I think that the Obama administration is more inclined to destroy the United States than serve the nation. Since the tea party has entered the public arena with peaceful demonstrations demanding from the government obedience to our Constitution the focus of action is getting now nationwide to the heart of the matter – to the motives, legality and control of our government not only for printing trillions of dollars but for everything they do. They are creating an incredible indebtedness not only for us but also for coming generations. According to “SwissAmerica.com” newsletter the already existing unfunded total indebtedness of the government programs Social Security and Medicare amounts to $106.4 trillion. However, while China and Russia are increasing rapidly their military power with new equipment (for instance 4 aircraft carriers in China) the budget for our missile defense was slashed by 15% for the year 2010.

Most important is constitutional legality of Obama to be president. If he is legitimate, why on earth can’t he produce is birth certificate? But that he nevertheless was sworn in without it shows the depth of the corruption we are facing in Washington. The billboard campaign is a great idea.

Let’s look at some ambiguous federal activities:

Education Social Security Federal Reserve Medicare Immigration None of the above is being handled according to the Constitution. None of them have produced progress. All of them without exception have become a burden for the tax payers, who have been milked by incompetent governments. We have now come to the point where we either morally change as a nation or go under.

In this context I shall take the Federal Reserve as an example. However, we have to deal with each of them.

The Federal Reserve and the graduated income tax were created by Congress during a Christmas break in 1913 when there were only few members of Congress present. The un-official reason was to make sure that the American tax payers are guarantees of the payment of interest to the profit oriented banks which own the Federal Reserve. The owners are: Citicorp, which is the largest shareholder, the Rothschilds of London and Berlin, Israel Moses Self of Italy, Kuhn, Loeb and Warburg of Germany, and the Lehman Brothers, Goldman, Sachs and the Rockefeller families of New York. It is worth mentioning that Prince Alwaleed Bin Talad of Saudi Arabia holds 9% of Citibank’s stock.

The question arises whether some of these banks get bailout money from our government and at the same time interest payment from the same government. Interest for the Obama program apparently is close to $1 trillion. Why on earth must the taxpayers pay interest to these bankers? They have done nothing but talking. Obama´s projections during the election campaign that he would change the style in Washington to the better are without truth. His morality makes him an enemy of God and an enemy of America.

The Seventeenth Amendment of the Constitution passed in January1913 helped Obama in the election campaign. Originally, senators were elected by the corresponding state legislatures, and not by popular vote. The Amendment was a major strike against federalism and against the original intent of the Founding Fathers. Individuals are easier to manipulate. The states of the Union lost their political weight. This happened in the same year in which the Federal Reserve was created and Congress abandoned its constitutional obligation to control the currency of the United States. At least there is now a movement in a number of States of the Union to establish afresh their status as sovereign nations, like Montana.

Do I hint at a conspiracy? Yes I do. There is a conspiracy by the godless to destroy the power of God as well as free society.

We are not in a battle between capitalism and socialism. This is just the surface. By believing this we accept the Marxist concept that the organization of the economy determines the destiny of people and nations. Marx describes the need to change the environment – getting the rich capitalists out of the system - so that the people can become again their good selves. That argument has not worked anywhere. It is only a cover to get control of a nation.

The global ideological war, however, is about the role of God in human society. Morality is the battle ground and the issue is what is going to prevail: truth or lie. We are in the middle - or is it the end? - of the insurrection of humanity against God. The insurrection consists of the organized abandonment of God´s commandments and the establishment of a global social and political infrastructure which is contrary to His order but capable of integrating Christian voters with a toothless Christian understanding. Obama´s concept of being a Christian and a baby killer at the same time shows how it works. The end product is a godless global totalitarian system without freedom. Lasting freedom without God’s commandments is impossible. Every democracy without God will first be corrupt on all levels and end in a totalitarian society.

I am not an historian but I would say that the French revolution was the beginning of government planned and organized hostility against God. And it was a French “conservative” former president who prevented the reference to God in the Constitution of the European Union. The American Revolution, the Founding Fathers of this nation and our Constitution came from God Obama does not come from God. Europe and all the other economic blocks which are on their way in Latin America and Africa are not from God either. They want us to be part of their Godlessness.

We might now see the beginning of the second American Revolution. The resurrection of the Constitution in our society, where God’s absolute moral standards must be a reality, will usher in a new era.