Senate Vote Coming On 'Pro-Allah, Anti Jesus Christ" Judge: Your Help Needed

From the Desk of:Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel

In a strictly partisan move, late last week the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of David Hamilton -- the "No to Jesus, Yes to Allah" judge.

Hamilton now goes to the full Senate for final confirmation -- in a crucial vote that will set the stage for all subsequent Obama court nominees, including Judge Sotomayor at the U.S. Supreme Court.

But when will this key vote take place?

One of our contacts on the Hill has told us that the final vote could come "any time soon." It could be this week. It could be next week. One thing is clear...

With opposition still strong among some Senators and resistance building at the grassroots, I fully expect Harry Reid to wait until the very last possible moment to announce the timing of the final vote.

Help me counter Reid's secretive strategy

The Democrats pushed Hamilton through the Judiciary Committee with a last-minute announcement of the vote. We simply must be ready to neutralize their efforts to slip the final confirmation vote in the full Senate under the radar!

Here's what I'm asking you to do...

I want to keep a steady flow of faxes going to the Senate every day until this vote AND...

I want to have in reserves tens of thousands more faxes that will be unleashed the moment Reid announces the timing of the vote.

But I literally need thousands of Liberty Counsel friends to stand with me to make this happen!

Please go here right now to help us keep the pressure on now AND prepare for a massive FAX BARRAGE as soon as the Hamilton vote is scheduled: