Must Be Seen to Be Believed: 'Transgender Prom' for Kids as Young as 12 Held in Bosaton's City Hall

Massresistance Update "I remained in the building for an hour and a half and found the events inside disturbing, depraved and outright criminal," says Max, a 20-year-old college student, attended for the first time. Here's part of his report below. This is what your government and the homosexual movement are doing with your kids:

"As I neared the event, I scanned the long line of young people waiting to enter. The line to the prom comprised over 300 kids, many as young as 12 but I also spotted adults obviously older than 22.

The line included kids wearing the rainbow regalia of the gay movement, teenage boys wearing dresses and high heels, hugging their "boyfriends", extremely young looking girls, not much older than 14 or 15, with "Out and Proud" inscribed in rainbow letters on the front of their T-shirts. On the flower pots and stairs leading up to the subway entrance, I saw dozens of kids aged 12-17 smoking cigarettes and making out with each other.

As I neared the entrance in the line, I witnessed two very tall older men wearing bleach blonde wigs, dresses and make-up come up to the front of the line and enter the event without any interference from the people manning the entrance.

Near the only entrance to the dance floor, I saw and spoke to a man dressed in a soldier-style garb made entirely of leather. He looked 45 years old and was wearing a red sash that introduced him as "Mr. Boston Leather". He immediately gave me his card and identified himself as a "leather BDSM fetishist."

(He stood at the entrance and gave his "business card" to children as they entered the dance area.)

As I circled the dance floor once more, I spotted young teen homosexual couples, kissing in almost every alcove in the room.

After approximately 30 minutes from the start of the event, I spotted two grown men, wearing short dresses, blonde wigs and shaman-like make-up enter and move into the dance floor.

The event contained a "smoking section", a City Hall entrance walled off by the police, where I saw kids of all ages smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Chaperones clearly witnessed these things occurring but did nothing to stop them. The transsexuals mingled with the groups of kids lining the walls. I took several photos of them "socializing".

For Full Report and photos, click here:

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"Inside City Hall"

"On the Dance Floor"