No 'Gay' Gene: Homosexual Advocates Changing Tune About Homosexuality

The British mom who expressed concern about her son being placed in foster care with two homosexuals (See article.) has good reason to be concerned. Research shows that children raised in homosexual homes are 7 times more likely to be homosexual. What's the surprise? Children learn what they live. Children of alcoholics are more likely to abuse alcohol. The same with drug abuse. So why the pretense that placing children with homosexuals has no impact on the development of their sexual identities? It's one more big, politically correct lie. Which leads one to ask, what is the real agenda of the child care industry that forces gay adoption and gay foster care? Certainly it is not the well-being of children.

It is an abomination to place children with homosexual couples. The same culture that screamed bloody murder about child sex abuse by priests (while hiding the fact that it was mostly homosexual abuse) makes it a civil right for gays to adopt and do foster care. The dysfunctional child care industry is actively cooperating with the deviants by giving them a sort of preferred status. Political correctness meet reality. Homosexuality is bad for kids -- unless, of course, those placing children desire a homosexual outcome or play let's pretend to fit in with the politically correct popular culture that wants to deny the reality that homosexuality is disordered.

As far as homosexuals seeking to adopt and do foster care, I think "reproducing" is exactly what this is all about. True love engenders the desire to create new life. The perverted lust that masquerades as love engenders a distorted image of that human desire. Homosexuals can't "make a baby" except through recruitment. (Lesbians of course do it by enlisting the support of a third, opposite-sex person, and then pretend the baby is "theirs.")

Historically, pederasty is a major means for homosexuals to reproduce themselves so to speak: introduce the young to deviant sexual practices, ply them with liquor, immerse them in pornography, sexually molest and sodomize them, and Voila! you have "given birth" to another homosexual like yourself. And then you pretend it's for the good of the child. "Sex before 8 or else it's too late, as the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) motto goes."

The fact that the culture promotes and enables this is just one more indication of a society suffering from insanity. Unfortunately, the guys in the white coats are, for the most part, the biggest psychos of all. How else can you explain the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removing homosexuality from the list of psychological disorders in 1973 because of homosexual lobbying. It was a political, not a medical, decision. (Gay activist Franklin Komeny was instrumental in bullying the vote.)

For a while gay gene theory was promoted, but the other APA (American Psychological Association) in their latest brochure backs off from the gay gene theory. The homosexuals are pooh-poohing the change saying that the gay gene theory was never seriously accepted and what's all the fuss about the new language? It's just those nasty homophobes trying to use it to stop hate crimes legislation! Hey, whatever floats the gay loveboat.

But back to my main point. The fact is that, if research shows kids raised in gay families are more likely to be gay, it is pretty significant evidence that homosexuality is taught and chosen by its adherents. Those who truly care about children will want to see them placed in loving heterosexual adoptive and foster families where their sexual identities will not be distorted by perversion.

Mary Ann Kreitzer is a founder of the Catholic Media Coalition and writes at Les Femmes-The Truth.