The Disordered American Psyche

Commentary: While most of yesterday's leaders were still committed to America's Christian spiritual foundations and enduring truths and principles, most of today's leaders are not. During his lifetime, ex-communist Whittaker Chambers exposed a disturbing reality---a growing trend. He said many of Americas' upper level culture shapers, opinion makers, bankers, corporatists, jurists, union leaders, news media owners and others of great cultural, social, and political influence were committed to the Progressive project. This means that they were committed to global totalitarianism in the form of communism. Today's variant of communism disguises itself as the green movement.

Toward this end, Americas' self-annointed 'elites'--- from Chambers time to our own---have been committed to undermining the Christian underpinnings on which our civilization is founded and stealthily replacing them with the evil-producing totalitarian ideas of Marxist communism. The plan includes replacement of true Christian orthodoxy with liberalized Christianity, which of course is not really Christian at all. It is rather, a false religion that calls for social justice, which is an inversion of moral law. Behind its warm-fuzzy feel-goodism, social justice brings about redistribution of property (destruction of our middle class), 'choice' (abortion as eugenics), same-sex marriage (destruction of traditional marriage), 'gay' rights' (blurring of immutable distinctions between male and female), and other social evils.

Speaking through media, entertainment, seminaries, liberal theologians, and schools, Progressives eventually captured the imaginations of a great many Americans and transformed them so as to make them receptive both to the ongoing destruction of traditional-values America and to their coming slavery under communism. Simultaneous to this evil program, mind-control puppeteers successfully programmed the minds of their puppets with hatred towards all Americans who have successfully resisted mind-control and as a result, not only continue to propagate Americas' founding ideas, but to fight for the restoration of our Republic. Today, resisters are being labeled terrorists, and Americas' founding ideas as anti-government 'hate.'

Bewitchment, otherwise known as mind-control, is why so very many Americans perversely hate the civilization that allows them to be free and provides them with a level of prosperity and comfort found nowhere else in the world. Their psyches disordered, they blindly support every pernicious notion advanced by their mind-controllers. Among these proposals: open-borders, destruction of the traditional family; pornography, obscenity, and blasphemy as free speech rights, same-sex marriage, global warming, carbon footprints, confiscation of weapons, socialized welfare and healthcare, gender-bending, unlimited abortion, homosexualized sex-education, and onerous progressive taxation.

Their psyches disordered by mindless hate and paranoia, they likewise support as 'good,' the imposition of totalitarian measures such as hate crime laws and speech codes, which their paranoia deems needful to keep them 'safe' from the people who are fighting to preserve what is left of our freedoms and rights.

Like Pavlovs' dogs, Progressive puppets drool (resent and assassinate the characters of decent Americans) and salivate (hate and destroy) on command. Bewitched, they are blind to reality, hence cannot see true evil, even when it manipulates them and brazenly stares them in the face. In the end, it will use them as tools of mass-murder, just as happened in the Soviet Union where sixty-million men, women, and children were brutally murdered in a masssive demonic explosion of murderous rage.----Linda