Transgender Prom from Hell: Boston Police Cover-Up

Massreistance Update Boston "Transgender prom" for kids ignored by media -- except for WorldNetDaily and Michael Savage. Boston police dept. tries to cover up. In our last email we exposed the depraved "Transgender Prom" for kids, featuring (among many other things) a middle-aged man who calls himself "Mr. Boston Leather" as an official greeter who greeted every kid who entered the dance floor. He identified himself as a "leather BDSM fetishist" (bondage discipline & sado-masochism). And that was just the beginning of that horror show.

Last weekend the national news source WorldNetDaily wrote an in-depth article and featured it as their lead story. The next day national talk show host Michael Savage featured it on his home page.

People across the country were outraged. (You should see our email!)

Interestingly, when WorldNetDaily called the Boston Police for comments, they tried to downplay the event and even deny some of what we reported. That's par for the course for the Boston cops. Luckily, we have an eyewitness and photos to back us up.

News blackout?

But that was it. Although this generated genuine outrage around the country (judging from the email we got!) nobody else seems to want to touch it, even local "conservative" talk-show hosts.

Last weekend we even personally handed a packet of this information to local talk-show host Michael Graham (WTKK 96.9 morning host), who told us he already knew about it (he gets our emails). But he would not commit to discussing it on his show, and so far he hasn't.

All of the major Boston talk-show hosts received our information on this. None of them have even asked us for a comment on it, much less discussed it on the air. Our sense on this is that they're all afraid to deal with a heavy backlash from the homosexual lobby (which has big ties throughout the media). So they're avoiding it. And as a result, the public isn't finding out. It's as if it never happened.

Things have changed a lot since the "Fistgate" scandal (see #1 above). It's common knowledge in Boston media circles that WTKK talk-show host Jeanine Graf was fired because she talked about "Fistgate" for a long time on her show, and the powers-that-be didn't like it.

If this is the state of "journalism" these days, we're all in big trouble.