How Long Until Obama is Given the Boot?

Commentary: In his article (below), "How Long Until Obama is Booted?" Professor Tom Sears astutely observes, "He fits the definition of being a narcissist perfectly. This makes him extremely dangerous for the country. He only cares about what is bestfor him, not the country." Obama is not the only narcissist in America. He is merely the most prominent and powerful one. Narcissism (self-idolization) is a spiritual disease, and America is now sickened unto death from an epidemic of it. Narcissism does not stand in isolation from covetousness, greed, envy, wrath, laziness, lying, and lust, but rather is in company with them.

Today, far too many Americans are narcissists, self-idolizing little 'gods,' and this makes all of these narcissists, and not just Obama, dangerous to our country. Like nasty, narcissistic Peter Pans in adult bodies, 'Me, Myself, and I" is always front and center. Everything boils down to "how I feel," " what I want," "what makes me happy" "what I have a right to" and "how dare anyone hurt my feelings or say no to me."

Ignoring real world issues, like for instance, abortion, the homosexualization of our youth, 'gay' marriage, power-grabs, open borders, and the advancement of socialism (slavery), they vote for charlatons and snake-oil salemen who control and manipulate them by way of their narcissistic appetites. In other words, evil-intentioned manipulators are masters at making their intended victims feel special and good about themselves. Blinded by narcissism, lacking impulse control, manipulated by string-pullers, Americas' selfish Peter Pans readily empower sociopaths who disguise their evil intent behind feel-goodism and promises too good to be true.

Should these self-idolizers become angry enough to give their 'messiah' the boot, they will turn immediately to another 'false savior,' another sociopath----someone most like themselves. For just as virtuous people seek as their leaders other virtuous people, morally corrupt people do the same, but in reverse order. Like seeks like.

America is like a train wreck about to happen. There is but one way to avert disaster: Every decent, virtuous American must step forward and take control of the madly careening locomotive.


HOW LONG UNTIL OBAMA IS BOOTED?? How long till Obama is booted? The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY ^ | June 23, 2009 | Prof. Tom Sears, Hartwick College in Oneonta

I'm wondering how long it will be before the word "impeachment" starts being bantered about?

The list of reasons to expel Obama keeps getting longer and stronger, and this is only five months into his reign. Everyone knows about his inexperience.

His rhetorical abilities made people overlook this weakness. Even his eligibility to have become president is becoming an issue.

He places personal and party ideologies over what is best for America. I thought when appointing justices, it was supposed to be "the best person for the job" and "justice is blind." Affirmative-action policies and "empathy" aren't part of the requirements for appointment.

He fits the definition of being a narcissist perfectly. This makes him extremely dangerous for the country. He only cares about what is best for him, not the country.

He is ashamed of our country (as was his wife until Barack won his party's nomination) even though it has given him immense amounts of opportunity. He constantly feels the need to apologize for our country's history of perceived repressiveness.

Sorry, Barack, we are the greatest country in the history of the world. No country has done more for other countries where there has been suppression of human rights, and Americans are unmatched in raising money and supplies for others when natural disasters hit.

You have been hanging around the Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers too long. You have been going around (the Muslim world in particular), speaking of "the promise of a secular nation." How much more arrogant and ignorant can you be? Even though you think highly of your rhetorical skills, you are not going to change the fact that a vast majority of Americans believe in God.

Why do you keep implying to other countries that our country was not founded on Judeo-Christian principles? Your history of duplicity is unmatched. This was illustrated numerous times throughout the campaign. You carry it forward into your presidency.

You incur the largest-ever budget deficit and then insist that we operate on a pay-as-you-go principle from now on. Of course, shortly thereafter, you exempt your government-run health program costs from this rule. You are great with smoke and mirrors, Barack. You are the ultimate flim-flam man.

You are a corrupt man. You appoint tax cheats and disreputable people to positions of power. You promise no lobbyists in your administration, yet no other administration had close to the number you now have.

You fire people who uncover very serious issues of impropriety by organizations run by individuals who are close friends of yours. You had your Justice Department cancel a criminal suit against goons, representing your friends ACORN and the Black Panthers, involving voter intimidation tactics at election polls.

You are dishonest and lie when it serves your purposes. Including examples above, you ridiculed John McCain's idea of taxing employer-funded health insurance premiums, promising never to follow such a policy during your administration.

Change your mind, Obama? You promised no tax increases for individuals making under $250,000. What do you call proposals like getting rid of tax-excludable programs like Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts?

Millions of middle- and low-income individuals participate in these programs. What do you call new taxes proposed on soda and beer? I guess only the rich drink these.

You are proposing one of the largest increases in corporate taxes in history. Who do you think ends up paying for these increased costs of doing business? I think these mentioned items also fall under the topic of incompetence. And I thought we could never get a leader less competent than Jimmy Carter. I was wrong.

How about your lying to the American Medical Association? You specifically said, "I'll be honest, there are countries where a single-payer system works pretty well."

Why couldn't your press secretary name just one when pressed for an example? Why did your mainstream media stooges, especially The Washington Post, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, specifically leave that quote out of their news articles, but quote everything said before and after that part of your speech perfectly?

You continually show disrespect for and trample on our Constitution, especially when it bars you from enacting your most radical ideas.

There is hope, however. Sixty-six percent of the voters from age 18 to 30 voted for you while only 32 percent voted for McCain. Voters 30 and above, on the other hand, favored you by a margin of only 50 percent to 49 percent.

Do you think you can fool the younger voting bloc twice, Barack? I don't think so, especially when they see the impact of your socialist agenda on their lives. Maybe we won't have to wait another 31/2 years for "change." ___ Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta.