Redefining Evil: Conscience and the Godless Collective

byPaul Trog

Today, as in Adolf Hitler's Germany, human CONSCIENCE is being reprogrammed by a servile media on a daily basis.

Psychologists and psychiatrist are redefining EVIL as we speak. Criminal behaviour is explained away as a genetically induced brain malfunction.

And SIN is debunked as an alltogether outdated concept. Godless ideologies are gutting the Judeo Christian value system with impunity and the response of the Christian Churches is tepid and apologetic at best.

An Austrian man of God, of blunt and incisive speech, has displeased the local clergy. The name of this courageous catholic priest is Gerhard Maria Wagner. He was selected by Pope Benedict XVI to become the next Bishop of Linz all the same, and came under a searing attack by the national media of Austria for having the audacity to say the following:

"The Bible unequivocally states that homosexuality is a sin. Please, we cannot simply ignore what is plainly written in the Bible." In another controversial statement that made headlines, he declared: "...of course, I know healed homosexuals." and then "...salvation is a gift of God; and if someone wholeheartedly seeks it, why shouldn't healing be granted to him?" (Profil, Febr. 9, 2009 - page 24. Profil is an influential Austrian weekly publication. - Translation by the author). For refusing to double-speak about a number of other rock-ribbed biblical truths concerning various topics and because of the unbending nature of his Christian convictions, the commotion in Austria was such, that he was forced to ask the Pope to rescind his nomination. His request was formally accepted by the Vatican.

Recently, violent protests erupted in California after the narrow passage of a 'controversial' proposition that wanted the definition of marriage to remain as being between a man and a woman as clearly stated in Holy Writ. And the world-wide infanticide of abortion, a loathsome and deadly sin, repeatedly described as such in the Bible, has now become an accepted practice. It is proclaimed as a 'woman's right to choose'- and millions of human beings are refused to see the light of day because of the judicial cover given to abortion by court fiat.

The Godless Collective has a holistic view of man and mankind. CONSCIENCE is definitely in the way of that concept. The Collective's three main pillars are marxist/communism, masonry and the 'Vision Thing' of the adherents of Cecil Rhodes. Although all three were utterly different at inception and still are in their respective structure, they are nevertheless united and bound together by the common pursuit of two aims: First, to remake man fundamentally by extirpating any vestige of God out of their being. Secondly, globalism through dictatorial world domination.

But there exist a spiritual ecology that mankind dare not disturb. It is linked and runs parallel to nature's ecology. The fields of God located there, depend on a delicate balance between good and evil, the purpose of which is to give mankind time to think, to seek - and the freedom to choose to access and enter into the dimension of Christ. Conscience is instrumental in this pursuit, if and when it is chosen.

Two thousand years ago, on the hill of Golgotha, Christ was nailed to a felled tree. In turn, by dying on the cross, the Son of Man felled mankinds' genetic tree rooted in Adams' sin and in so doing, wiped out the totality of humanitys' debt. By grace, His divine sacrifice has the power to reach the genetic core of every individual Christian, transforming each believer inside out and downside up. INTIMATIO CHRISTI follows then as a way of life, out of which flows wisdom, cohesion and a necessary dynamic of courage, needed to right the dangerous imbalance of evil in both ecologies.

Recently in Mexico, as the swine flu hit and was followed by a horrific earthquake near Accapulco, a gentleman remarked on camera:

"This must be the end of the world!" He could be right, you know, if Christians refuse to let Christ enter into the genetic core of their being and be transmogrified.

Paul Trog Innsbruck 04/27/09