California School Forces LGBT (Gay) Curriculum on Students

Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 6/29/2009 6:00:00 AM The chief counsel with the Pacific Justice Institute is fighting for the rights of parents to opt out of a controversial curriculum.

San Francisco Bay-area Alameda Unified School District has approved a "lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender" (LGBT) curriculum for use with kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The curriculum is intended to deal with issues such as bullying and harassment.

Kevin Snider with the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) says the board passed the curriculum despite the objection of 73 percent of the speakers from the community who attended the board meeting.

"The fundamental problem with the curriculum is it gives a monopoly to one segment of the population -- namely gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender persons -- on the issue of harassment," he contends. "And our position is that all students deserve safe schools, and that sexual orientation is only one of six protected classes. The other classes include race, gender, religion, disability, etc.; and so we have opposed this."

Alameda Unified School District is not allowing parents to opt their children out of the curriculum. PJI is sending opt-out letters to the district on behalf of parents. If the district rejects those letters, Snider says PJI will take the issue to court.