Dave Welch: Pastors, If Not You, Who?

WorldNetDailyPosted: June 30, 2009 1:00 am Eastern

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The nature of the moral and/or philosophical bankruptcy of government leaders, from President Obama's tyrannical policies and deception to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's adultery, are constant and tragic reflections of the collective heart of the American people as we have sought comfort, convenience and prosperity rather than obeying God.

We have weak, shallow leaders in office because Christians – starting with pastors – have not cared enough about who we place there to make it a priority, or even worse, have openly defied any responsibility for handing God's authority to the ungodly. Shame on us.

It is very simple, and I can't dress it up, give it a friendly face or put a "warm fuzzy" on the raw truth. Until a remnant of at least 10 to 20 percent of Bible-believing pastors and churches step up to the plate and start raising up and sending out godly leaders into civil ministry, we will be governed by tyrants or self-serving leaders.

That means instilling in our men, women, youth and children the biblical mandate, constitutional duty and desperate need for them to serve God and their country by considering running for elected offices such as water/sewer district, school board, city council, etc., to state and federal offices. They must, however, be grounded and trained.

Don't miss our Founding Fathers' most inspired arguments for constitutional government translated into today's English: "Federalist Papers In Modern Language"

We must also have a firm commitment in every church that EVERY eligible citizen cast an informed, biblically grounded vote that transcends race, political party loyalty and personal interest. I can promise that very few churches are doing what should be done to achieve this, and it is not complicated.

If you are satisfied with the direction of our city, state and nation, do nothing – or continue to do what you have been doing.

If you are not, get busy and implement the AMERICA Plan (see below) in your church – with a caveat. As stated in our USPC "Christian Citizenship 101" manual, which provides a practical "how to" guide for any church to dramatically increase its community impact:

We believe that it is a legitimate ministry of the local church to assure that our congregants are educated and active citizens, beginning with casting informed votes in EVERY election. The following plan can effectively be implemented in every church, and we are asking that senior pastors commit to leading this effort and overseeing its completion prior to the next General Election. The righteous gain authority in this nation by God working through the choices of the people. Over 1.2 million Americans have died to give each of us the freedom we are enjoying but doing pathetically little to protect. The runaway tyranny of the Marxist/communist agenda dominating our federal and state governments is OUR fault, and it is OUR duty to get it under control. Don't blame God for our failure.

We are challenging every pastor to confirm your commitment to the ministry of godly citizenship by returning the Pastors' Declaration of Godly Citizenship, and we will follow up with those who request guidance in launching or escalating your citizenship ministry team as well as a local or state pastor council.

Senior pastors: If not you, who? If not now, when?


The seven steps of effective Christian citizenship for churches

Articulate a Biblical position on important issues of the day

Teach sound doctrine; Address citizenship and current moral issues from the pulpit as appropriate; Apply biblical principles to the crucial moral issues of the day, and why Christians must be active citizens. Motivate congregants to be godly, responsible citizens.

Most Christians do not become effectively and biblically involved in any ministry or take action related to cultural and political change unless inspired by their pastor, led from the pulpit and called to appropriate activity. Educate believers on the "Why" and "How" of godly citizenship

Biblical Worldview; American Christian Heritage; Understanding the biblical role of Government; and Effective Community Involvement. Register ALL eligible adults in the church to vote

If a person is 18 or older and an American citizen, this is not an option! The goal is 100 percent registered, 100 percent voting. Inform the congregation about important policy and moral issues

Pending legislation – local, state and national Current moral issues – sanctity of life, pornography, gambling, marriage, biblical justice, etc.

Candidates' character, philosophy and positions on vital issue

Coordinate with other like-minded pastors in the community

Establish a permanent, inter-racial, inter-denominational Pastor Council of senior pastors who will stand together, speak together and act together in your area. Activate members to effective prayer, service and civic action in the community toward biblical righteousness and justice.

Create or support a Christian Citizenship Ministry in the church to facilitate the above activities in an organized manner, and to serve as the church's link to the community team. The AMERICA Plan was created by Dave Welch (Executive Director, US Pastor Council) and is trademarked by Vision America