Google Marches in 'Gay' Parade; Blocks MassResistance Website

MassResistance Update Google blocks MassResistance website for several days. (Same weekend Google marches in Chicago gay pride parade). Could this happen to others? It was a chilling example of raw power. And it's an example of what can happen to you when you're on the cutting edge of exposing the dark side of a powerful movement.

Between this past Friday and Wednesday, people who attempted to go to the MassResistance website were met instead with a big warning screen telling people that "this site contains malware" or that was "forbidden" for them to go to MassResistance. And anyone who used Google to search for a MassResistance page was told that "this site may harm your computer."

We've never seen this happen to any other site, anywhere. (And surely, there must be millions of sites with some "malware" in them.)

Culmination of recent attacks on MassResistance site

Two weeks ago, after we posted the report on the state-supported "Transgender Prom" for kids in Boston City Hall, hackers broke into the MassResistance website and put malware on it. Apparently there was also a "denial of service" attack. We worked with our hosting company to clean it up.

Then last week, after we posted the Fistgate Tapes and Scott Lively's book on fighting back against the homosexual agenda, hackers attacked again. More malware was put on.

Mysterious involvement of Google

Mysteriously, Google quickly found out about this second malware attack and took this unusual action. On Friday afternoon we received an email from Google regarding (1) our home page and (2) our report with videos of homosexual activists in elementary schools :

"We recently discovered that some of your pages can cause users to be infected with malicious software. We have begun showing a warning page to users who visit these pages by clicking a search result on"

Google did more than that. Somehow, users (including us!) who simply typed "" into their browsers -- without interacting with Google at all -- also got a warning page instead of the MassResistance website!

We immediately contacted our hosting company. They found the malware and cleaned it up. We informed Google, and got a message back that they would look into it, and we should "check back later." Days went by. We kept contacting Google. After we phoned their Cambridge office on Monday night they finally notified us they've determined that our site was now "clean" and they would remove the block. By Wednesday it was completely gone from both direct access wornings Google's web search results. But in the meantime, thousands of people who had gone to our website were turned away by Google.

During that time we got emails and phone calls from around the country from distraught people asking what was going on, why we were being blocked, etc. As we said, we've never seen anything like this done to any other website. No one we talked to had ever seen anything like this before, either.

(We spent the entire day Monday dealing with this and installing extra protection against more hacks. Luckily, we're back up at full strength now!)

It's an interesting coincidence that during the weekend Google - a very public supporter of the homosexual movement - marched in the "Gay Parade" in Chicago.

The fact that one company has such enormous power to do this to a group they clearly disagree with politically should frighten people. If they can do this to us, they can do it to anyone. But we've also learned that you can't back down.