When the Will Turns to Evil

Commentary: The following article, "101 FREEDOMS & RIGHTS THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT DOESN'T WANT YOU TO HAVE!" from The Resistance Blog, details the rights and freedoms being insidiously---even brazenly-- stolen from us by insider Progressives. Their evil intentions are aided and abetted by a lage following of dumbed-down, hypnotized followers who have bought the lies drip-fed them by the insiders. The Progressive movement can be visualized as two circles: a small, exclusive circle within an outer, larger one. The outer circle comprises the followers. These are the zealots: emotionally and morally immature individuals. Self-centered, prone to belief in the impossible, angry, resistant to rules---especially moral absolutes---and given to flights of fantasy, they are the perfect clay. Molded and shaped into a force of destruction by inner circle black magicians, at the bidding of their dark masters they mindlessly destroy the civilization that nourishes them.

The inner circle---this is where the evil originates. These are the real spiritual criminals. Demonically occluded, they are spewers of blasphemy and obscenity. They are the tellers of Big Lies and producers of deviously concocted, demonically-twisted schemes. They excel at character assassination. Their narcissism and covetousness monstrously inflated, they uphold Lucifer, openly declare themselves gods and seek not just control over one state but the entire world. Their hearts turned cold, unable to love, their souls turned inward, their consciences seared, they desire the deaths of millions of people.

One example of an inner circle 'elite' is Barbara Marx Hubbard. Hubbard says, "We are immortal. We are not bound by the limits of the body.....We are gods!" We don't need Jesus Christ for, "Multitudes of self-saviors is what we are..." Hubbards' demonic spirit guide promises her, "Never again shall you have to return to the human condition. Henceforth you shall evolve consciously, aware at all times that you and God are one forever." Calling itself 'Jesus,' Hubbards' demon guide told her to "Forgive Satan for fearing God....Love Satan, my fallen brother....Forgive Cain, he knew not what he did." (False Dawn, Lee Penn, pp. 316-318)

Whether consciously aware of it---as Hubbard is-- or not, as for instance Secular elites-----working through and energizing the inner circle are demonic spirit guides-- the dark forces of this world, the Hideous Strength, as CS Lewis dubbed it.

Political correctness, speech codes, hate crime laws, sustainable growth, global warming, Gaia worship, cap-and-trade---these are but a few examples of the satanically clever, powerfully destructive schemes devised by the inner circle. All of their evil schemes however, are ultimately the doctrines of demons.

C.S. Lewis observed that the primary characteristic of lost souls is their rejection of everything that is not simply themselves. This is the primary characteristic of the inner circle. After death said Lewis, the lost soul "has his wish---to live wholly in the self and to make the best of what he finds there. And what he finds there is Hell."

In the end, the inner circle will for a time, establish their One World Order. And it will be a global Hell steeped in the acrid stench of sulphur, flowing with rivers of blood, controlled by demoniacs. After that, their longing to 'live wholly in the self' will be granted---eternally. ....Linda

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 101 Freedoms and Rights the Progressive Left Doesn't Want You to Have

The Resistance Blog ^ | April 15, 2009

This was inspired by an exchange on Moonbattery, although for quite a long time I've been thinking about this.

Left-wing progressives seem to care only about the "freedom" to do whatever they want to whoever they want in the bedroom. Once you step outside the bedroom, most every aspect of your life should be subject to the iron hand of the progressive state:

1.The Freedom to keep what you earn and spend it as you please. 2.The Freedom to take risks, and live with the consequences. 3.The Right to participate in the political process by donating money to causes you support (like Proposition 8 in California) without being harassed by radicals 4.The Freedom to work in a shop without belonging to a union. 5.The Freedom to use a secret ballot when voting to unionize. 6.The Freedom to express conservative opinions on talk radio. 7.The Freedom to express conservative opinions as an invited speaker on a college campus. 8.The Freedom to express conservative opinion on the internet. 9.The Freedom to debate whether disparities in achievement among races and sexes is a product of genetics. 10.The Freedom to question whether Global Warming is really happening. 11.The Freedom to earn a market salary in the Financial Services industry. 12.The Freedom not to be pressed into involuntary service to the state. 13.The Freedom to purchase and drive an SUV or any other vehicle you choose. 14.The Freedom to own a pickup truck. 15.The Freedom to wear fur, leather, or other material made of a formerly living creature. 16.The Freedom to hire whoever you want to work for you. 17.The Freedom to fire an employee for any reason, or for no reason at all. 18.The Freedom to rent a property you own to the person or persons of your choice. 19.The Freedom to use your own property in whatever way that you may choose. 20.The Freedom to earn a living by logging, ranching, fishing, or any other activity they don't approve of. 21.The Freedom to take risks with your own investments. 22.The Freedom to keep the profits of your investments. 23.The Freedom to join with others to criticize a politician within 30 days of an election. 24.The Right to own a firearm. 25.The Right to own a firearm arbitrarily designated as an "assault weapon." 26.The Right to use a firearm in defense of your home and loved ones. 27.The Right to carry a firearm in public for your own defense. 28.The Right to purchase ammunition for your firearm. 29.The Freedom to discuss a military career with a recruiter at a public school or university, as well as the right to participate in ROTC. 30.The Freedom to eat food made with transfats. 31.The Freedom to smoke tobacco (but not marijuana, explain that to me.) 32.The Freedom of a business to decide for itself whether it wants to be smoke-free. 33.The Freedom for adults between the ages of 18 to 21 to consume alcoholic beverages 34.The Freedom to purchase health care in a free market. 35.The Freedom to publicly celebrate a Christian holiday. 36.The Freedom to lead others of your faith in voluntary public prayer. 37.The Freedom to hold a Bible study group in a public school. 38.The Freedom to discuss the relationship between terrorism and Islam. 39.The Freedom to choose a school for your child. 40.The Freedom to homeschool your child. 41.The Freedom for your home-schooled child to use public school facilities paid for with your tax dollars. 42.The Freedom for male athletes to compete in any sport they want, even if it means there are more male athletes than female athletes within a school system. 43.The Freedom for private schools to compete on an equal footing with public schools. 44.The Freedom to fire an incompetent public school teacher. 45.The Right not to have your legitimate vote canceled out by a fraudulent ACORN voter. 46.The Freedom not to have your property confiscated by the state and given to another entity for higher tax revenue. 47.The Freedom to develop domestic sources of energy. 48.The Freedom to use coal-powered electricity. 49.The Freedom to use nuclear-powered electricty. 50.The Freedom to set your thermostat at whatever temperature makes you comfortable. 51.The Freedom to protect your homes, schools, and hospitals from a flood of unassimilated third-worlders through legislation, propositions, and denial of welfare benefits to non-citizens. 52.The Freedom to travel wherever you please, by any means you choose. 53.The Freedom to have a private club open only to a membership of your choosing. 54.The Freedom to operate a business with minimal interference from the state. 55.The Freedom to discuss whether certain communities are responsible for their own problems. 56.The Freedom to refuse responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of others and its consequences. 57.The Freedom to practice work as an obstetrician without the threat of junk-science lawsuits from the likes of John Edwards. 58.The Freedom to consume as much red meat as you like. 59.The Freedom to watch news on a network that is not ideologically leftist. 60.The Freedom to decide for yourself what is news, without the interference of ideological "deciders" (i.e. the editors and producers of television and newspapers). 61.The Right to protest in front of an abortion mill. 62.The Right to know whether your minor daughter is seeking an abortion. 63.The Right to know whether your minor child is getting birth control from the school nurse. 64.The Freedom to let the public decide the definition of marriage. 65.The Freedom to light your homes with incandescent lightbulbs. 66.The Freedom to use toilets that work with a single flush. 67.The Freedom to use washers, driers, dishwashers, and other appliances that get the job done. 68.The Freedom to raise your Family with your values, not theirs. 69.The Freedom to non-abusively discipline your children with corporal punishment. 70.The Freedom to object to textbooks and library materials in public schools paid for by your tax dollars and made available to your children. 71.The Freedom to express the opinion that homosexual acts are distasteful, immoral, or unholy. 72.The Freedom to ban pornography from your community. 73.The Freedom to raise your children in a porn-free environment. 74.The Freedom for ranchers to exterminate predators that spread disease and kill livestock. 75.The Right to protest against the Teleprompter-in-Chief's Trillion dollar deficits. 76.The Freedom to publish editorial cartoons with monkeys in them. 77.The Freedom to teach Huck Finn, Othello or To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Silas Marner, Ivanhoe, or other works in a high school class over the objection of ignorant politically correct dumbasses. 78.The Freedom not to feel guilt about things done to other people, by other people centuries in the past. 79.The Freedom to pursue private sector alternatives to state-provided services. 80.The Freedom for religious charities to compete for grants on an equal footing with community-based organizations (shakedown rackets, I mean). 81.The Right to criticize minority individuals for inferior performance. 82.The Right of an asthmatic to use an aerosol based inhaler to save his/her life. 83.The Freedom/Right to hunt animals for food or sport. 84.The Freedom to advertise junk food. 85.The Freedom to advertise red meat or dairy products on television. 86.The Freedom to eat fast food or operate a fast food restaurant. 87.The Freedom to own a black car or a big screen TV 88.The Freedom to idle your car. 89.The Freedom to own certain dog breeds 90.The Freedom of cowboys to hold rodeos. 91.The Freedom to enjoy NASCAR races. 92.The Freedom of blacks, gays, and other minorities to become conservatives or Republicans 93.The Freedom to critcize Islam. 94.The Freedom to tell jokes about people of different ethnicities. 95.The Freedom to tell jokes about people of different sexual proclivities. 96.The Freedom to tell jokes involving stereotypes of women and minorities. (Note: It's perfectly OK for a leftist like Jon Stewart, Seth MacFarlane, or Hillary Clinton to do this.) 97.The Freedom to own jet skis or powerboats. 98.The Freedom to own a snowmobile or other off-road vehicle. 99.The Freedom to discuss the possibility, in a public school, that life is not a random evolutionary accident, but designed by a purposeful Creator. 100.Your Freedom to use or produce whatever amount of harmless carbon dioxide you choose. 101.The Very Basic Freedom to see the world in a different way than a liberal, progressive, Democrat, fascist does. 102.(New) Your freedom to keep the housepet of your choice.