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The Issue:On every front (from the Boy Scouts, to the Pledge of Allegiance to the Ten Commandments, Prayer in School, and more), attacks against our religious heritage and our rights to publicly acknowledge God are the work of the ACLU and its radical, anti-God, anti-religion, anti-American agenda. Liberty Counsel, one of the nation’s foremost public interest legal firms, is committed to defending traditional values and restoring our precious religious heritage.

We are committed to fighting the ACLU—exposing their agenda and defeating them in courtrooms across the land.

We Can Defeat The ACLU The time has come to turn back the ACLU’s attacks. As never before, there is reason for optimism that the battle can be won! As Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, has stated, “The tide is turning against the ACLU’s war on religious freedom in America. The courts and history are working against [them].” With Liberty Counsel winning in the courts, we believe the time is right to expose this radical, un-American organization for what it is, once and for all.

Urgent Issue: ACLU bullies attacking public school teachers and students again! Liberty Counsel has filed to intervene on behalf of Christian Educators Association International (CEAI) in the Santa Rosa, Florida, County School District. The ACLU somehow convinced school officials there to "settle" a trumped-up lawsuit by accepting a Consent Order that totally strips away their rights to free speech and free exercise. We need to rally massive citizen support for this battle immediately and stop the ACLU bullies in their tracks!

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