Jackson Death May Have Been Suicide

Jackson death may have been 'homicide', says police chief MIchael Jackson is reported to have been taking a cocktail of drugs

James Bone in New York

The Los Angeles police chief has raised the prospect of a homicide charge over the death of Michael Jackson.

Homicide does not necessarily mean murder — it could mean a manslaughter charge against a doctor.

Jackson, 50, died last month in mysterious circumstances but is reported to have been taking a cocktail of drugs including the potent anaesthetic Diprivan, also known as propofol. Los Angeles police are investigating Jackson’s prescription drug history and have subpoenaed medical records from doctors who treated him, including psychiatric records.

“We are still awaiting corroboration from the coroner’s office as to cause of death. That is going to be very dependent on the toxicology reports that are due to come back,” William Bratton, the city’s police commissioner, told the broadcaster CNN. “And based on those, we will have an idea of what it is we are dealing with. Are we dealing with a homicide? Or are we dealing with accidental overdose?