Politically Correct Google Bans Conservative MassResistance Blog

MassResistance Update Google still blocking MassResistance Blog -- claiming "objectionable" content. We're a little surprised that the conservative movement doesn't seem worried about this. As Google gets larger and more powerful, it will surely happen to them - and you - before too long.

As many people know, some of the most offensive, obscene, and hateful homosexual blogs are hosted on Google's "blogspot" blogging area. Some of it is even sickening. But Google's policy has been, essentially, "if you don't like it, don't read it." Since 2005 it's also hosted our MassResistance Blog.

But this week things changed. Researcher Amy Contrada posted the latest version of her report on the depravities the transgender movement - all completely factual, with photos taken in public places. Then Google decided to become the Internet's censor of political thought.

As we reported in our last email, Google has put a warning block on the MassResistance blog saying that Some readers have contacted Google because they believe this site is objectionable." And it gives you the option of not going any further into the site. (Once you're in, the warning might not come up again until you reboot your computer.)

Is the content "objectionable"? Well, probably it is. But it's also true. And it's happening in the streets and schools and public places in America. But it's very embarrassing to certain political constituencies.

Google already cooperates with the government of Communist China to block content the government doesn't want its citizens to see. And we've noticed they seem to not list content critical of Google prominently, if at all (you have to go to Yahoo). And Google marches in gay pride parades.

We're working to solve this. But in the meantime, the silence from the conservative movement is pretty deafening.