Debating a Mindless, Soulless Progressive Robot Dubbed Percy

During the course of an on-line debate with a typical Progressive, the Progressive aggressively declared that, "poor ghetto kids... had every bit as much rights to the pool as the honkeys." The pool in question was not open to the public, but that inconveniant truth was conveniantly missing from the Progressive's morally imbecilic tirade. Being typical of Progressives, this one is a white, straight, middleclass homeowner and small business owner who nevertheless hates whites, hates straights, hates the middle class, hates private property, and hates capitalism, all of which are oppressive and hateful, according to the peculiarly inverted reasoning of Progressivism. I noted, "But you are white and straight, do you charge yourself with oppression, homophobia, and hate?" "You're too stupid to understand," he blurted. "I'm a Progressive, which means I'm enlightened, scientific, and on the 'good' side. That I'm white and straight was an accident of Nature's evolutionary processes." With a straight face I commented, "Ah, then you were accidentally 'whited' and 'straighted' when in fact you were meant to be colored and crooked? However, despite all of that 'bad' luck the Fates and Karma nevertheless shone upon you and made you a Progressive. Hmmm, now!"

Continuing on, I observed, "Darwinism declares there are no moral absolutes and immutable truths. Yet you constantly speak as if they do exist. How do you account for this obvious hypocrisy....this doublespeak?" "It's true," he angrily muttered, "there are absolutely no moral absolutes and truth." "And that's absolutely true and right?" I asked.

"I note that you always refer to yourself in the first person. Yet as a Darwinian atheist, you have no individual soul, hence there is no "you" free will and no individual mind endowed with reason, memory, imagination, and conscience," I pointed out. "According to the teachings of Darwinism," I continued, "our debate is logically between a person (myself) and a soulless, mindless robot dubbed Percy (not his real name) through whose puppet mouth speaks the unseen forces of irrational Nature. How do you account for this?" Eyes bulging, face reddened, smoke pouring from its' ears, Percy the soulless robot shrieked, 'You stupid #@!!** don't understand science!!! You superstitious hate-mongering honkey bigot! You understand nothing!!!! I hope hate crime laws are passed against your kind!!!!"

As Percy the robot loudly stomped away, 'it' was still screaming and waving 'its' arms as smoke poured from its' ears. ......Linda