What 'Gay' Pedophiles Did to Jessee Dirkhising; What the Media Won't Tell You

Jesse Dirkhising Dayhttp://www.alainsnewsletter.com/read/293/child-molestation/jesse-dirkhising-day/ Long after being used as a sex toy by two homosexual pedophiles his memory is still being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by those who feign commitment to cultural diversity.

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This September, on college campuses across the nation, conservative students will be sponsoring the first annual Jesse Dirkhising Day. For those who aren’t aware, Jesse was the 13-year old boy who was tortured to death by two homosexual predators in September of 1999.

As of this writing, nearly ten years after his death, college and universities around the nation have been ignoring his tragic case. Long after being used as a sex toy by two homosexual pedophiles his memory is still being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by those who feign commitment to cultural diversity. Meanwhile, the case of Matthew Shepard is endlessly exploited for political gain.

In the summer of 1999, Jesse’s mother and stepfather – Tina and Miles Yates – foolishly allowed him to spend time with a homosexual couple, Davis Carpenter, then 38, and Joshua Brown, then 22. Carpenter used to drive 60 miles to pick Jesse up at his trailer park home in order to take him to Rogers, Arkansas, where he and Brown lived.

Then, one evening - after gagging him with dirty underwear and propping pillows beneath his abdomen – an all-night sexual assault began. Brown sodomized young Jesse with several fingers before using his penis, a banana, and an enema laced with a sedative. Carpenter enjoyed the rape show while masturbating in the hallway.

During the middle of the sexual assault, Carpenter went to a convenience store to buy sausage and cucumbers to use during the second half of the assault. He also bought two sandwiches – one for himself and one for Brown. But he didn’t buy a sandwich for Jesse. Jesse had already eaten his last meal.

When Carpenter returned from the store, young Jesse Dirkhising was no longer breathing. After a failed attempt to administer CPR, Carpenter panicked and called 911. The police found Jesse with a mouth full of blood. His body was smeared with fecal matter. Are you listening Al Sharpton? His body was really covered with fecal matter. And he didn’t put it on himself.

After his arrest, Carpenter claimed that Jesse Dirkhising was attracted to males and, as a consequence, hated himself. Was Davis Carpenter suggesting that Jesse allowed himself to be lured into the rape and torture situation because of this self-hatred? Would Carpenter also be open to the suggestion that he and Brown were driven to abuse Jesse by some sick sense of violent self-hatred?

And, here’s the $64,000 question: If so, did their actions qualify as a “hate crime”?

During Brown’s murder and rape trial, prosecutors presented nylon rope, douche bottles, feces and vomit-covered shirts and underwear – as well as scores of photographs of items used to sodomize Jesse. During the trial, Jesse’s stepfather stated that he was aware that the two grown men were homosexuals. But he didn’t care about what they did “So long as it was not around the family.”

One of the prosecutors in Brown’s trial dismissed those who would call Jesse’s murder a hate crime, saying the following: “Jesse was not attacked because he was heterosexual; he was attacked because he was a child.” But is the prosecutor’s statement accurate?

Jesse Dirkhising was attacked, in part, because he was poor. Pedophiles often target kids from lower-class families thinking that people, including their own family members, are less likely to care about them. There was certainly evidence of familial apathy in this case. But there was also evidence that Jesse engaged in consensual oral sex with Brown before the night of the murder.

Once again, if Jesse was a homosexual who hated that part of his being, then what about Brown? Was he led to rape and torture another homosexual out of his own sense of self-loathing? And can such self-hatred be used as the basis of a hate crime prosecution?

For years, college campuses have used the Matthew Shepard case to show what horrible things can happen to homosexuals at the hands of heterosexuals. Sadly, they have been unwilling to use the Jesse Dirkhising case to show what horrible things can happen to homosexuals at the hands of other homosexuals.

It’s a little bit like the situation with black-on-black crime. When academics refuse to discuss it they show their own true colors. And they show how truly thoughtless the thought police can be.


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Upon getting his doctorate in 1993, Adams, then an atheist and a Democrat, was hired by UNC-Wilmington to teach in the criminal justice program. A few years later, Adams abandoned his atheism and also became a Republican. He also nearly abandoned teaching when he took a one-year leave of absence to study law at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1998. After returning to teach at UNC-Wilmington, Adams won the Faculty Member of the Year award (issued by the Office of the Dean of Students) for the second time in 2000.

After his involvement in a well publicized free speech controversy in the wake of the 911 terror attacks, Adams became a vocal critic of the diversity movement in academia. After making appearances on shows like Hannity and Colmes, the O'Reilly Factor, and Scarborough Country, Adams was asked to write a column for Townhall.com.

Today Mike Adams enjoys the privilege of expressing himself both as a teacher and a writer. Mike Adams is also an avid hunter and reader of classic literature. Mike Adams published his first book, Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel, in 2004. His second book, Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts "Womyn" On Campus, was published in 2008.