With Passage of Hate Crime Laws, Persecutions, Coercion, Cruelty Will Begin in Earnest

Commentary: The following report, "Senate Votes Big Expansion of Federal Hate Crimes," author Jim Abrams writes, "The Senate on Thursday approved the most sweeping expansion of federal hate crimes law since Congress responded fourdecades ago to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr." In traditional values America, justice is blindfolded, which means that all people---regardless of race, color, or creed---are equal before the law. Has this system been perfect over the years? No. But then man is imperfect at best, easily corrupted at worst. Regardless, this system has been superior to every other system of justice throughout man's long suffering history. Yet with passage of Hate Crime Laws, our traditional system has been replaced by an alien, totalitarian device utilized by genocidal, terroristic despots in communist Russia (former USSR), Hitler's Nazi Germany, Communist China, and by Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and other modern totalitarians.

Hate Crime Laws are at bottom, about stripping you of your Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, all of which proceed from spiritual freedoms: freedom of conscience and religion and freedom of thought and speech. America is, in the main, founded on enduring presuppositions found only in the Bible, particularly the Genesis account, "In the beginning God..." In the Biblical definition of man, every person is created in the spiritual image of his Creator, hence every individual is therefore endowed with spiritual property, that is, with endowments of mind, which includes free will. It is precisely these spiritual endowments which render every man capable of self-government.

In that mind-control is necessary for total control (totalitarianism), then Hate Crime Laws, which in reality criminalize conscience, thought, free will and by extension action, are an an insidious means for imposition of totalitarianism.

In an article titled, "The Truth About Hate Crime Laws: What You Need to Know," Andrea Lafferty reports, "The far-left 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco has attacked freedom of speech and religion for the Christian employees of the city of Oakland, California. The court issued a memo declaring that it sided with the city of Oakland in censoring the emails and posters of the Good News Employee Association that used words like “Natural Family,” “Marriage” and “Family Values” in their materials. The 9th Circuit said the city had the right to censor those words because it made LGBT employees uncomfortable and violated the city’s sexual orientation ordinance! These words were considered “statements of a homophobic nature” and “sexual-orientation-based harassment! These are only a few examples that show how sexual orientation and hate crime laws can be used to suppress religious freedom and free speech!"

To date, Americans for the most part, have shown no inclination to join with Tea Partiers or any of the other front-line groups currently fighting against the imposition of totalitarianism. But that will change, for with passage of Hate Crime Laws, the worst of our kind will begin using these inverted Laws as weapons for beating, battering, harrassing, and in general, for getting what they covet.

When perversely-twisted 'gays' begin to brazenly, aggressively hit on straight males---as they will---will a backlash finally begin?

When pedophiles brazenly hit on your children---as they will---will Americans finally fight back?

When hate-filled blacks and Muslims openly persecute, threaten, coerce, and intimidate whites, Christians, and conservatives in particular---as they will--- will Americans finally wake up and fight back?

When queer-males dressed in nuns garb, with faces grotesquely made-up enter churches for the sole reason of spying, intimidating, and provoking by way of blasphemy and throwing used condoms, will Christians finally fight back?

When lesbians begin to openly harrass, intimidate, and provoke straight males in unison with openly hitting on straight females, will the long-awaited backlash finally, belatedly begin?

When despots use Hate Crime Laws to criminalize pro-lifers, free speech advocates, pastors, Tea Partiers, gun-rights advocates, the defenders of our borders, private property defenders, and our military, will the backlash finally begin?

When these inverted Laws are used to deprive you of home, children, job, and rights, and have in effect, reduced you to the level of pariah, will you finally fight back?

For many long years, prophetic voices have seen this day coming and have tried to wake Americans up. Yet for the most part, Americans have ignored the warnings and turned back to their entertainments and pursuit of material gain.

What is as yet unknown finds expression in the question, "How long will we have to suffer under the cruel lash of despotic Hate Crime Laws until the backlash begins?" How long, Americans? How long must all of us suffer before those of you who have thus far refused to join us at the front lines, come forth prepared for battle?-----Linda


Senate votes big expansion of federal hate crimes By JIM ABRAMS 5 hours ago

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday approved the most sweeping expansion of federal hate crimes law since Congress responded four decades ago to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The legislation, backed by President Barack Obama, would extend federal protections granted under the 1968 hate crimes law to cover those physically attacked because of their gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

"This bill simply recognizes that there is a difference between assaulting someone to steal his money, or doing so because he is gay, or disabled, or Latino or Muslim," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

Voice vote passage came immediately after supporters cleared a 60-vote procedural hurdle imposed by Republicans trying to block consideration of the legislation. That vote was 63-28.

The hate crimes bill was offered as an amendment to a must-pass defense spending bill that the Senate is expected to finish some time next week.

Several Republican amendments to the hate crimes legislation still could be considered on Monday, but Thursday's vote determined that it will be part of the defense bill when it passes.

The 1968 hate crimes act covers violence related to a person's race, color, religion or national origin. Federal involvement is confined to a narrow range of circumstances, such as when the victim is using a public facility or attending a public school, serving on a jury or participating in a government program.

The proposed legislation, in addition to expanding the categories covered, ends the "federally protected activities" requirement.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., now being treated for cancer and unable to be on hand for the debate, first proposed the bill in 1997. While coming close on several occasions, he has never been able to overcome opposition from those who contend it infringes on states' rights and First Amendment rights to free speech. Former President George W. Bush said he would veto the bill if it reached his desk.

This time, however, pro-bill Democrats control both houses of Congress and Obama is a strong supporter. Attorney General Eric Holder has urged Congress to give his department authority to prosecute cases of violence based on sexual orientation, gender or disability.

The measure still has a way to go. Obama has told Congress he will veto the defense bill if it includes more money for an F-22 fighter program he is trying to terminate. The House in April passed a similar hate crimes bill, but did it as independent legislation not tied to a larger bill.

The Senate bill, also sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., only authorizes federal prosecutions of hate crimes when the state or local authorities are unwilling or unable to do so. It provides $5 million in grants to state and local law enforcement officials who have trouble meeting the costs of investigating and prosecuting these crimes.

Reid, D-Nev., recalled that Laramie, Wyo., was overwhelmed by the costs of pursuing the case against Matthew Shepard, the gay college student killed in 1998 whose name is attached to the bill. "When this bill becomes law, that will never happen again in Laramie, Wyo., or anyplace else in the country."

Supporters also emphasized that prosecutions under the bill can occur only when bodily injury is involved, and no minister or protester could be targeted for expressing opposition to homosexuality, even if their statements are followed by another person committing a violent action.

To emphasize the point, the Senate passed provisions restating that the bill does not prohibit constitutionally protected speech and that free speech is guaranteed unless it is intended to plan or prepare for an act of violence.

The Traditional Values Coalition had expressed concern in a letter to senators that a pastor could be prosecuted for "conspiracy to commit a hate crime" if a sermon resulted in a person acting aggressively against someone based on sexual orientation.

Another opponent, Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said it was "patently offensive" that violence against one class of victims would be considered worse than violence against others. "We cannot have a colorblind society if we continue to write color-conscious laws," he said. "It violates all the principles of equal justice under the law."

Some 45 states have hate crimes statutes on their books, and about half the states have laws covering crimes based on sexual orientation.

The FBI receives reports of nearly 8,000 hate crimes every year. Of those, about 15 percent are linked to sexual orientation, which ranks third after those involving race and religion.

The Senate hate crimes bill is S. 909.

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