Is New President of Focus on the Family Taking FOTF to the Left?

Is Focus on the Family's New President Taking The Organization Postmodern and Lurching to the left? We knew something was not right at FOTF when in May of 2009, one of their spokespersons said that FOTF would not oppose any U.S. Supreme Court nominee over their sexual orientation. Is this the wimpy FOTF under president Jim Daly who wants to "dialogue" with people. Daly said Dobson was black and white but he is "more about having a conversation with people." Daly does not even know America's form of government as revealed when he called America a democracy in several interviews. Daly shocked many when he declared, "What we want to see are more families like Barack Obama's." Really? Daddy Barack said he did not want his children "punished" with an unwanted pregnancy. His administration is pushing the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child which will destroy parental authority. Daly said he is "not an ideologue" and that he wants to find a "kinder gentler way to approach this topic" of abortion. Daly is a wimp in my opinion and exactly what is wrong with most Christians, Churches and pro-family groups. Daly sounds a lot like Joel Osteen to me. Daly said that President Obama is "an incredibly engaging person, and he's hip." Tell me what makes him so hip Mr. Daly is it his pro-abortion agenda, his ant-Christian agenda, his same-sex marriage agenda, his pluralism, his hatred of America, the free-market and the traditional family? Daly says, "But we can respect what Obama does well. We can focus more on the positive. And I respect his family." Daly wants to "meet on common ground" with pro-abortionists? What common ground would that be? He goes on to say in several interviews that he wants to "dialogue" with people of opposing views. Daily sounds like the Emergent Church leaders does he not? Daly was hand-picked by Dobson because he was a "go getter". How about picking a guy with a backbone or who actually has some guts and is interested in defending a pro-family worldview from sound Biblical theology? An ideologue would have been nice; someone who see issues as black or white. I dare Daly to come on my program and have a "conversation". I think we would find out he is an empty suit who is really nothing more than "a business guy" as he reportedly described himself to the Denver Post. The phone lines light up on this topic and the audience is not happy with the direction of Focus on the Family.