Is Obama's Science Czar a Crack

By Cliff Kincaid | July 15, 2009

That Holdren makes use of such quotations or views is something that can be strongly criticized.

Does Obama's science adviser advocate compulsory abortions and putting chemicals into the water supply to sexually sterilize human beings? Some well-known conservative bloggers and columnists have recently been repeating this information, based on revelations on a website strangely called Zombietime. But an analysis by Accuracy in Media has determined that some of the most sensational charges against Dr. John P. Holdren fall short of the mark. Still, he has a lot to answer for, including his belief in a "Planetary Regime" to manage the world.

That Holdren endorsed the concept of a "planetary regime" is shocking, considering that he is now a top White House official. In fairness, however, it doesn't seem much different from Pope Benedict XVI's endorsement of a "World Political Authority," which was included in his recent encyclical. Devotion to some form of world government seems popular in religious and government circles these days, especially in the age of Obama.

The difference, of course, is that Holdren was confirmed by the Senate of the United States and his salary is paid by U.S. taxpayers. However, Senators may not have been aware of many of his views.

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