Planning for Jihad and Take-Over of America

By Doug Hagmann The call for jihad and seditious takeover of the United States by Islam was made loud and clear yesterday in Chicago. The fundamentalist Islamic political party known as Hizb ut-Tahrir (America), or HTA, hosted a conference at the Hilton Hotel in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn yesterday. The attendees, dressed in traditional Muslim attire, were segregated by gender according to the oppressive tenets of fundamentalist Islam. The women in attendance were covered from head to toe in fundamentalist Islamic attire, sat away from the men during the presentations.

While a small flurry of protesters gathered outside and across from the hotel and TV news crews gained only limited access to this threat to democracy and American values, a covert operative of the Northeast Intelligence Network successfully secured entry into this politically charged conference. According to this group’s leadership base in the U.S., present and speaking at the conference,

“the time is right to advance the goals and objectives [of HTA] across America.”

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