Barack the Magic Racist

Gates Gate and Barack the Magic Racist, or how two racist liberals deflect attention away from thievery. What the state run media has failed to tell you is that Henry Louis Gates Jr. was in trouble with the law long before the Columbia Police were called to his house, over a burglar, which turned out to be Mr. Gates. The police officer did not stereotype Henry Gates Jr., Mr. Gates Jr. stereotyped the police, and liberals should be ashamed. And, why is it that B. Hussein Obama knows so many crooked people? Henry Louis Gates Jr., the man invited to the White House to have a beer with B. Hussein Obama, because Obama demonstrated his disdain for law enforcement and white people on the state run media is being investigated for running a “bogus” charity. This investigation was first reported by the Boston Globe in 2008. Inkwell Foundation was founded and is run by Mr. Gates Jr.. The charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in one year, but only given out $27,500 in grants, in violation of the IRS rules for tax exempt charities. Once again, we have another Obama associate who does not pay taxes. It is amazing he isn’t employed in the Obama administration. The bulk of the money given out has gone to Gates' employees and Harvard colleagues.

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