Obama Caught Lying to Congress & Nation About Health Care

Barack Obama makes Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton look honest We previously cited a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that openly, albeit politely, contends with evidence that Barack Obama is lying about his health care reform proposal. We have since then seen three additional opinion pieces, all in the prestigious Wall Street Journal, that use language like "obfuscate" and "simply not credible" to describe the President's statements. We meanwhile reported in 2008 that Barack Obama lied to his own church, the United Church of Christ, when he promised that he would not misuse the church's tax exempt resources to promote his campaign.

..."He didn't seem to be telling the truth." "Who would believe that?" "His ability to obfuscate." "This is simply not credible." "What he's not telling the American people..." All these statements go far beyond a mere difference opinion over Obama's health care plan and its likely effectiveness. They state in no uncertain terms that Barack Obama is lying to the United States, the Congress of the United States, and even the Democratic Party to push his agenda. We must therefore wonder what else he has lied about both before and after his election to the Presidency (e.g. the Clean Energy and Security Act). The bottom line is that the country simply cannot trust this individual and, until we fix our collective mistake in November 2012, must find ways to work around him to improve health care, the economy, and the security of the United Sta

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