Listen to Podcast: Obama's 'Deathcare' will Euthanize Seniors

Ron Meyers interviews Brannon Howse on Obama's national healthcare that will euthanize America's seniors and the disabled through the rationing of healthcare, make someone's intrinsic value based on the State's definition of whether or not they are productive human resource, require doctors to break their Hippocratic Oath in order to be able to make a living and continue practicing medicine, force seniors on Medicare to go through "end of life counseling" every five years so they can be brainwashed into the liberal's "duty to die" propaganda, require doctors to receive government approval for tests and procedures through a government computer system, punish Americans that do not purchase a "qualified" insurance plan and nationalize America's healthcare by putting private insurance companies out of business. Obama says he will pay for this massive national healthcare program by cutting $500 billion dollars out of Medicare over ten years. This will be accomplished by denying seniors medical treatment. What can Americans do to stop this massive socialist agenda and if it becomes law how much Christians respond? Click here to listen: