Rise of the New World Order's Green Hell

Commentary: In his article, "Obama's Science Czar..." author Terrance Jeffrey quotes czar Holdren as saying, "The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being,” (Read article here: http://www.cnsnews.com/public/content/article.aspx?RsrcID=51676) Holdren, like Obama and all of today's green fascist movement---the coming NWO occult pantheist communism--is a Darwinian Progressive. To summarize what that means, "In the beginning God created..." has been replaced by "In the beginning nonliving, impersonal divinized Matter (positivist materialism) or 'In the beginning...' fill in the blank with your choice of ersatz Buddistic, occult pantheist concepts such as Absolute Spirit, Overmind, or The Force (occult pantheistic New Age)."

Whereas Communist controlled Russia---the former Soviet Union---was outwardly identified as positivist materialism, today's version of communism identifies as occult pantheism, also known as the green movement and/or New Age. For an indepth look at the coming NWO green communism, read Steve Milloy's "Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them." Also recomended is Henry Lamb's "Green Religion and Public Policy."

Observe the following implications underlying 'czar' Holdren's assertion with regard to what he calls the 'fetus':

1. Man is not a person, but rather a 'being'.

2. The 'being' is not even human after its' birth and will not ultimately become human unless certain experts (adepts) are able to provide for it, "the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth..." Only under the 'care' of the State's experts will the nonhuman being transmute (evolve) into a human being.

3. If beings are not even human upon and even after birth, what are they then? Mere animals, of course. Just a herd of faceless animals to be moved about at will, bred (eugenics), culled (population control) and used for whatever purposes deemed necessary by the 'human beings' who are the herdmasters.

4. If beings cannot and ultimately will not become human unless adepts such as Holdren are empowered to provide 'care,' then obviously these experts have the creative power of gods.

America is founded neither on the demonic notion that man is god nor on demoniac man's depersonalized definition of mankind. America is founded on "In the beginning God created..." and on the uniquely Biblical definition of man.

By this definition, man is created in the spiritual image of the triune Creator God, and as the Creator is a person, so too is man. "The term person originated in Christian theology's developmental struggle to comprehend the nature and experience of a triune God," writes Stephen P. Stratton in "Self, Attachment, and Agency: Love and the Trinitarian Concept of Personhood." "The derivative concept of human personhood is a gift of the Christian faith to culture," Stratton observes. (The Self: Beyond the Postmodern Crisis, Paul C. Vitz & Susan M. Felch, Editors)

In his "American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828" Noah Webster defines a person as, " An individual human being consisting of body and soul." Note that biologically speaking, human beings are animals, yet because they are souls within animal bodies, they are people, the plural of person. Darwinian progressives deny the God-given soul and the citadel of the soul---the mind--- and thereby reduce all people to mere animals.

How important is the Biblical definition of person to our Constitutionally guaranteed inalienable rights? Of profound significance.

The Founders considered the right to property to be subordinate, and a supporting right in relation to, the individual's God-given unalienable rights. In other words, spiritual rights precede the material. Inalienable (from God, not man) rights were viewed by the Founders and people of that time as our most valuable possessions. In this view, man has not only a right to property but a property in his rights. This thinking was never expressed more soundly than in Madison's essay on "Property."

Madison writes, "...a man has property in his opinions and the free communication of them." He has property in "...his religious opinions, and in the profession and practice dictated by them." "He has an equal property in the free use of his faculties and free choice of the objects on which to employ them," continued Madison. "Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions," warned Madison.

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anachy and tyranny commence. If "Thou shalt not covet" and "Thou shalt not steal" were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every socity before it can be civilized or made free." ----John Adams, A Defense of the American Constitution, 1787

Americans have allowed Darwinian Progressivism to undermine and then push God out of our government, legal institutions, education, news, entertainment, and in fact, from all of our social and culture-shaping institutions. What has replaced God? In his Harvard University Doctoral Thesis on the very first Parliament of World's Religions (1893) held in Chicago in as part of the World Columbia Exposition, Richard Seager writes that after the Parliament:

" (America) was a nation under a changed God. Krishna, Vishnu, the Buddha (a not-God), the Divine Mother (Gaia), and other vdeities had been tucked up in the nation's canopy, where they joined the Christian Father and Son, Jehovah, Nature's God and Apollo and his Muses..."

"One hundred years later, in 1993, the second Parliament of the World's Religions took place--once again in Chicag. Erwin Lutzer, author and well-known Christian apologist, attended....Writing on what he witnessed, Lutzer commented, 'The gods are on a roll, and woe to those who stand in the way of their agenda! With lofty ideals and utopian plans to unify the religions of the world for the common good, this parliament met to break down the barriers that exist in the accelerated march towarde unity."

Unity means neo-pagan 'oneness.' In other words, man is merely a 'part' of divinized Nature and its gods. Progressivism turns out to mean, not progress toward something better, but regression to the ways of old. Out with the triune God and the Biblical definition of man from which arises the concept of person endowed by his Creator with inalienable spiritual rights from which flow material property rights. Henceforth, man must forget the triune Creator. He must forget that he was ever made in the spiritual image of his Creator. He must, in short, forfeit his individual soul and become nothing more than part of divinized Nature.

Political correctness, diversity, inclusion, tolerance, redistribution of wealth, progressive taxes, social justice, 'gay' rights,' animal rights, choice, and Cloward-Piven strategy....all are examples of communistic codewords and/or strategys utilized by Progressivism's campaign of deception. Hate crime laws and speech codes are devices of oppression and suppression; of terror and intimidation utilized for the ultimate purpose of mind and behavior control. When complete power finally falls into the grasping hands of transnational Progressives, terror, fear, seizure of property and children, and all-out genocide will begin, for ultimately, Progressivism is an apocalyptical religion disguised as 'enlightenment, science, and politics.'

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, one of the 20th century's greatest prophets foresaw the doom of the Western civilized world. The West, said Solzhenitsyn, is treading the same highway to hell formerly trod by Russians and Germans. They 'forgot God,' warned Solzhenitsyn. In their pride, they forgot God and allowed apocalyptical Darwinian Progressivism to take His place. The consequences were catastrophic. The dark spirit of Progressivism seduced with the fantasy of a 'heaven on earth,' but what was delivered was hell on earth. Smoking hells filled with the suffocating reek of death; hells guarded by demonic psychopaths.