Chaos in Massachusetts: He-She's & She-He's Forcing their Aberrant Will Onto Americans (Unbelievable Pics)

Massresistence Update Citizens angered at marathon public hearing for "transgender" bill -- and over 200 other bills From noon til 10:45 pm, 237 bills crammed into one hearing! But transgender debate dominated the day. July 29, 2009

The July 14 "transgender bill" hearing brought out the Massachusetts homosexual & transgender movement's political propaganda machine in force. From moonbat state reps to lesbian lawyers "explaining' the law, they were there to testify. And an army of men in dresses and a few women with beards came to give their "personal" stories. Read More, See Pics:

Cross-dressers, transgender activists flood hall to sway committee The political propaganda machine at the State House July 29, 2009 The homosexual lobby is serious about changing society by force of law.

You never really get used to men being called "her". But that was just the beginning of a long day of an upside-down world where normalcy is abnormal. This is what the GLBT movement has in store for you and your children. Unbelievable Pics Here:

Powerful pro-family testimony debunks transgender bill July 29, 2009 The Committee didn't just hear from the homosexual and transgender groups. MassResistance submitted graphic testimony about what this bill will do to citizens -- and what's already happening that will get worse!

Others testified on how this bill will stifle religious freedom, exacerbate health and psychological problems, cause havoc in public schools, create legal chaos, challenge common sense, and much more. Health club executives feared how the bill will affect the use of locker rooms and showers in health clubs. Read More, See Pics:

Hostile TV coverage by local FOX News & other media July 29, 2009 Predictably, the left-wing Boston media shamelessly supports the transgender bill. The morning of the public hearing started out with the Boston Globe publishing a splashy pro-transgender article . And it went on from there. Read More:

"Women's" groups hold press conference at State House supporting transgender bill On day before July 14 public hearing July 29, 2009 The emotional attacks started the day before the hearing. A slick but hard-hitting press conference at the Grand Staircase of the State House showcased the homosexual / transgender lobby's resolve to force the legislature to pass their "transgender bill" this session Read More: