Cong. Bob Inglis Attacks Glen Beck; Is Booed (Video)

Add Congressman Bob Inglis from South Carolina to the long list of morons in politics. He told constituents at a Healthcare Town Hall meeting to "turn off Glenn Beck" when he comes on. He was booed loudly. Inglis followed that up with brilliant commentary that Glenn (Rally for America, cried about his love for America on national TV, World Record holder for most Founding Fathers quotes memorized) and his views of America are "not consistent with the America that I know. The America I know was founded by people who took tiny boats across a big ocean, and pushed west in tiny wagons, and landed on the moon." Glenn responds to Inglis, a guy who admittedly has only watched the show a couple of times. Apparently he must have missed the opening of Glenn's TV shows which, like EVERY OTHER show, begins with "If you think this country is great...come on, follow me!" Transcript, video here: