Tampa: Dem. Party Official Slaps Face of Obamacare Protester (Video)

Posted on Friday, August 07, 2009 2:14:57 PM by kristinn TampaBay.com has a great photo sequence of a woman slapping a man in the face at yesterday's explosive town hall meeting in Tampa held by Rep. Kathy Castor and the goons from SEIU and Obama's Organizing for America.

What the Tribune failed to disclose was the fact that the woman doing the slapping is a local Democratic party official, specifically the treasurer of the East Hillsborough County Democratic Party Club.

In the eight-photo sequence, two men are seen arguing face to face, with one man wagging his finger in the face of the other. A woman standing behind the finger-wagger reaches around him and starts to push the other man. She then steps forward and give the other man an open palm slap across the face. According to the photo captions, the woman, Karen Miracle, claims she was protecting her husband, Garry Miracle, who supposedly has a heart condition, from the other man, Barry Osteen.

In none of the photos is the slapped man seen extending his arms or raising his hands.

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